Another train Wreck

a slow cooker Oval Crock Pot

a slow cooker Oval Crock Pot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

backyard garden 2I just really needed this picture to end the day with.  Everything started out great.  The bug man was here at 9:00 a.m. to see if I had any unwanted pets in the apartment–couldn’t find any,  so after getting me up early and going through all of my cabinets he just turned and walked out.  Really, what good does it do to retire if people are going to wake you up, go thru your things, and then even before you finish your first good yawn, turn and leave without a word!

Since I was technically awake, I finished my yawn, closed the cabinet doors, and ate breakfast.  Then decided to put yesterday’s dishes away.  Yeah, I know.  Most people put them away after they wash them.  I let them drain dry and put them away the next day.  It makes sense to me.  Then I looked around for something to make the day a little more positive.  The bread I had proofing on the stove was ready to be punched down and put in the pans for the second rising, so it seemed like a good idea to take some frustration out on that.  Eeh!  That was too easy.  Should have made some Agression Cookies, but I couldn’t find the recipe.

I decided it might be a good idea to cool off a bit in the shower and get dressed.  That’s usually a good way to start the day.  How was I supposed to know there was no hot water?  Okay, that wasn’t the first cold shower I’ve had since I moved here, and it’s not a good idea for people with MS to get overheated any way, so I definitely did NOT get overheated.  I decided to dress in pink today, mainly because most of my other colors were in the laundry basket and pink was all that was left.  Well, there were still 3 pairs of khakis, but if I wore khakis again today people would say I was wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday.  People are funny in this building.  They look at what everyone else is wearing to see if they have changed their clothes or not.  I have 4 pairs of khakis, all different sizes, but that doesn’t matter.  If I wore another pair it wouldn’t be good.

Since I move slowly, that pretty much took care of the morning.  Well, I did finish a book I was reading, and started a new one.  Actually read half a page before I realized it was time for lunch.  Looked in the ‘fridge to see if the good houskeeping fairy had put something delicious in there for me, but it was just the same ole same ole.  I grabbed a plate and sat on my kitchen stool by the sink and ate my cold lunch, savoring every bite–NOT!!!  I don’t know why that fairy keeps passing by my door.  After choking it down I remembered that I had intended to make some Texas baked beans today.  Okay, I’ll make them tomorrow.  Unless I forget.  Then I’ll make them the next day if I remember where I put the recipe.

I decided to get a bit of rest in my recliner, but it didn’t want to recline.  We fought for a while, until I beat it into submission, and suddenly I heard a cr-raaaa-ak.  And then the back of the chair and I were on the floor staring at the ceiling, while my legs and feet were pumping madly, trying to get the chair back up.  Twenty minutes later my legs stopped working and I was still staring at the ceiling, so I figured it was time to give up.  I called 911.  Can you even begin to imagine trying to tell an emergency operater that your chair is trying to eat you?  I told them I wanted a cute EMT to help me, so it was really surprising when the first guy in the apartment was gorgeous.  Young enough to be my grandson, but really gorgeous.  Hey!  I’m old but I’m not blind!

They managed to get me out of the chair without laughing, for which I’m very grateful, and they were very concerned about my well-being — or maybe it was my mental health.  I’m not sure any more if there’s that much difference.  I thanked them for their concern, told them I didn’t need medical attention, and did some breathing exercises after they left.  Okay — I did some panting over the cute one.  If I choose to call it breathing exercises, it’s my blog and that’s what I’ll call it.

After a suitable rest period I put the bread in the oven, made a double batch of body lotion, took the bread out of the oven, ate the first slice while it was still nice and hot — hey, after that cold shower I earned a slice of hot bread!  Then decided to made some soap.  I’ve been trying to come up with a recipe for liquid shower soap.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure someday it will.  I stuck some old chunks of soap in the microwave, hoping they would melt.  When I looked in the itty bitty window I saw suds all over the microwave, but when I took the container out the itty bitty pieces were mostly still solid, just a lot of dry airy scum around them.  Obviously, that method won’t work.  So now, as I sit here, the pieces are in my crock pot, with a liner inserted, and a weird combination of oils, milk and whatever else I could find, hopefully melting down into a liquid shower soap.

Now I have to find the courage to peek in the crockpot to see what is in there waiting for me.  I’m afraid it won’t be pretty.  I just hope it will be usable.  After that I’m gonna play a few games of Solitaire and go back to bed with a chair stuck under my door so I can hopefully sleep until noon tomorrow.  Hey!  I’m retired.  I can sleep as late as I want to.  And no bug man is going to tell me to get up.  As for the chair, it’s just another train wreck.



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