Yesterday’s train wreck revisited





034As I was finishing my blog last night I didn’t have a chance to post my photographs of my day’s work — my bread and my soap.  The bread is easy to distingrush, because it looks like bread, but that gelatinous brown stuff in the container next to it is the soap.  Burned soap.  At least I guess it’s burned.  I’m not sure why else it would be brown like that.  It looks a lot like brown gravy, but it was foaming up out of the crock pot when I checked on it.  The top photo is the bars I cut up this morning, and both last night and this morning my hands got foamy and clean when I handled it, so I guess it really is soap.  I would love to tell you what it smells like, but I lost my sense of smell several years ago.  Due to several blows on the head, according to my doctor, who had waved several vials of some kind of liquid under my nose and asked me what it smelled like.

Instead of going to my third paragraph, I seem to have jumped back to the second.  O—K.  I can deal with this.  How ’bout I tell you why I had to leave the computer last night.

As I was sitting here listening to the thunder getting closer and closer, and seeing the lightening blasting away outside the window, the tornado sirens started blasting my eardrums out.  People were in the hall rushing around, screaming and panicking, a voice over the loudspeaker was telling everyone to go to the safety rooms, and I was sitting here a couple of feet from the window listening to all the mad rushing about all around me.  It’s not that I don’t know how devastating a tornado can be.  We had one on Jan. 3, 2000.  The building I’m living in took a direct hit.  I was working in a building across the street from this building.  The office building was trashed, but this building came thru like a champ.  Sure, all the windows were sucked out, but that’s no biggie.  And all the cars in the parking lot were totalled, but they’re just things.  No one died.  Half the city was destroyed, but there were no fatalities.  Now THAT’s a biggie.

Of course I did have to think about the fact that I was sitting a couple of feet from one of the windows that had been sucked out, so that probably wasn’t a good place to be, so I did have sense enough to get away from the computer and go into another room, but not the safety room.  I have a thing about being shut up in a small room with a lot of people.  And since this place is build of solid concrete and reinforced steel, the windows are really all I was worried about.  Plus, I have renters insurance and would like to have some new stuff, so naturally tere wouldn’t be a tornado here to destroy my old stuff.  Just like when my kitchen caught fire.  Instead of leaving the apartment and letting it burn I grabbed the extinguisher and put the fire out.  Has anyone ever had to clean up a kitchen after using a fire extinguisher?  If you want to experience it without the fire part, take several boxes of baking soda and sprinkle them liberally around the room.  To make it more realistic you could pour some vinegar over it to give it that added fizz effect.

We didn’t get the tornado, just severe thunderstorms with beautiful lightening.  My gravy looking soap is packed away, waiting for someone with a sense of smell to come by and give it a sniff, so I’ll know if it smells scorched or if by some chance it smells like lavendar and rosemary.  But whoda thunk you could burn soap?


So now, I seem to have several bars of brown soap with white specks of unmelted white in them, and no idea what they smell like.  I know I added lavendar and rosemary oils to it at the end, but it probably just smells burned.  And I also don’t know why my type color suddenly turned blue either.  And all this time I was thinking I knew it all.  Sheesh.  It’s all underlined too.033


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