I wanted a quiet day

It all started out as a quiet day.  I played Solitaire before deciding to have a waffle for breakfast, HAD to have peach syrup on the 100_2280  waffle, of course, read a couple of chapters of my book, stared at the dirty clothes I have to take down to wash tonight, took a nap.  All quiet, so far.  About noon I decided to go downstairs to the bull pen (yeah, that’s what they call it,  because sometimes you need hip boots to sit in there and listen to the tales people tell).  I was really waiting for the mail — really, that’s all, just waiting for the mail.  Yesterday it came before 12:30, so I hoped it would again today.  Going downstairs was a bad idea.  Waiting for the mail to be delivered is like watching grass grow.  Or watching water boil.  It just doesn’t happen while you’re there.

I did have some good conversations with a lot of people though.  A lot of bull going around, a lot of laughs, but those chairs are not really made for sitting in.  At least not made for sitting comfortably in.  A friend went over to a Mexican restaurant we love and bought me a wonderful flan, so creamy, dreamy, and rich.  A few weeks ago I met him on a Sunday morning coming back from the stand where he had just lost his money trying to buy a copy of the New York Times.  It opened okay, but the Sunday edition wasn’t there yet.  I was on my way over to get the local paper, and just by chance the person was there filling the Times paper thingy.  I told him a friend had just lost his money by opening the box and finding the Saturday edition in there, so he gave me the Sunday edition for him.  I didn’t think anything more about it, just got my paper and went home.  He was already in his apartment, so I left it with some mutual friends downstairs and asked them if they would give it to him when he came back down, then forgot all about it.  Today, he thanked me by treating me to the flan.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.

I wouldn’t know how to download the picture off my cell phone though.  I’ll have to grab the next grandkid that comes along and see if they can show me how to do it.  That’s another great thing about grandkids.  They know everything there is to know about electronics.

Okay, back to my quiet day.  The mail finally arrived at 2:30.  Yep!  I should have waited at home for it, but then I would have missed out on the flan.  So that wasn’t really a bad thing.  I decided then to go to K-Mart, about a block away to get some printer cartridges.  I just KNOW mine spring a leak the minute I put them in the printer.  I picked up some paper products I was out of, and a stock pot that was on sale that I really need because I make my own stock to use in cooking, and the only pot I have for that won’t hold more than a gallon of ingredients, so I can’t always make a lot of stock.  Now I can make enough to last awhile, and freeze it for when it’s needed.

I saw Judy when I walked into K-Mart.  So funny, after spending most of yesterday with her.  We were both in a hurry, so just said a quick hello before going our separate ways.  I just strolled thru the store, picking up the items I needed as I came to them, looking at other stuff and wondering why they don’t carry a lot of things they used to have.  By the time I went thru the housewares department, the food aisles, and electronics, I was worn out enough to come home.  Also very proud of myself, because I walked over there, with only the support of my walker.


That’s my walker, with my magic raincoat draped across it and the overflowing hamper of laundry waiting for the good housekeeping fairy to come and do it.  I’m afraid she has passed me by again though.  Still no magical food in the fridge, and no magical fairy taking my laundry down to the laundry room.  So that is the way I’ll end my quiet day tonight.  If I’m lucky it will be before midnight.



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