Happy Independance Day (before it’s not)

My clock tells me I’m getting a late start, but I’ve had a long day.  Or maybe last night was a long night.  I got my laundry finished at 2 a.m., and then didn’t get to sleep until maybe 3 a.m., so that made for a long yesterday.

My mom called last night to ask if I wanted to come over for a weenie roast today.  Finally, the food fairy found me.  She told me to call my brother, Ray, if I wanted to come and he would pick me up, so as soon as we hung up I called him.  He didn’t even say “hello”, just “that was fast”.  I told him any time I was invited for a free meal I jumped on it.family-331family-224 The first picture is my mom in the middle with Don and Gina on the sides, and next to her is Ray, actually looking like a priest.  He was off duty today, so he wasn’t wearing the collar and suit.  And doesn’t my mom look great?  Still sane after raising 7 kids.  I call that amazing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, the weenie roast, we didn’t have the old willow tree we used as kids to spear the hot dogs on, but Ray brought his large 2 pronged tines, and we lit a nice charcoal fire in a portable grill on the back patio.  The sky was overcast, but it didn’t rain because I took my magic raincoat with me.  I’ve discovered that each time I take the raincoat, the rain will hold off.  But if I go out even on a sunny day without it, before I get home we get

a deluge and I’m soaking wet, so my magic raincoat always goes with me.  I forgot to take my camera with me to .  100_2285.100_2287 mom’s house to take pictures of our celebration, so you will have to just see the pictures of my magic raincoat and my wheels of choice at this time of my life.

So once again I have strayed from the point I was making.  Or maybe I wasn’t trying to make a point.  Does anyone really know?  Does anyone really care?  I don’t, and it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.  Oh, wait, I think that was a song and I just got the words mixed up.

Okay, I remember now.  We roasted marshmallows too.  Mmmmm, so good.  Don’t you just love it when they catch on fire and you have to blow out the flames, and then pull that yummy, messy, burnt, sticky piece of pure sugar in your mouth?  The way it burns your tongue, then sticks to your fingers and lips, and then by the time you get it all off your fingers the next ones are ready.  Makes me want to light a match, stick a marshmallow on a skewer, and set it on fire for just one more bite.  The trouble is, Ray took them home with him, so he’s probably sitting on his back porch, with his fire pit going, burning a few more for himself.  Ahhhh, baby brothers.  You just gotta love ’em.

Happy Fourth everyone!