A Visit From The Fire Department

Angie's Place

I didn’t get any pictures of them, but I did manage to burn my dinner tonight.  It was edible, and really delicious, fried fish and fried green tomatoes.  And before you worry about all the fried food, I used coconut oil, which is really good for people.

I also used high heat, and didn’t have the fan turned on high, so before I knew it my apartment was filling up with smoke.  The alarm didn’t go off at first, and I reset the fan to high in hopes that it would keep the alarm from going off.  I even sat down and started eating, when suddenly the shrill alarm started, then shut down in just a few seconds.  Hoping that was fast enough that it didn’t attract any attention at the Fire Department, I just continued my meal, enjoying every tangy bite of the tomato.   My hopes were shattered though…

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