A Visit From The Fire Department

I didn’t get any pictures of them, but I did manage to burn my dinner tonight.  It was edible, and really delicious, fried fish and fried green tomatoes.  And before you worry about all the fried food, I used coconut oil, which is really good for people.

I also used high heat, and didn’t have the fan turned on high, so before I knew it my apartment was filling up with smoke.  The alarm didn’t go off at first, and I reset the fan to high in hopes that it would keep the alarm from going off.  I even sat down and started eating, when suddenly the shrill alarm started, then shut down in just a few seconds.  Hoping that was fast enough that it didn’t attract any attention at the Fire Department, I just continued my meal, enjoying every tangy bite of the tomato.   My hopes were shattered though, when there was a knock at the door.  Two firemen stood there and asked if I was okay.

I was anxious to get back to my fish and tomatoes, so I told them everything was fine, but they said the apartment had a lot of smoke in it.  Shucks!  I was hoping I just needed to clean my glasses.  They came in and looked at the skillet on the stove, where the remnants of the batter was cooling down, and the fan was still on high, then asked me if I wanted them to open the windows for me.  Sure, anything, as long as they left so I could get back to my quickly cooling dinner.  Fish and fried green tomatoes lack something when they get cold, and I sure didn’t want to have to stick that skillet back on the burner and set off the alarm again.

They opened the windows, and glory be, a wonderfully cool breeze blew in and the smoke dissipated quickly.  My glasses weren’t as dirty as I thought they were.

Just as I got back to my plate, the phone rang.  The building monitor checking to see if I was okay.  The firemen were probably already downstairs by then and she could have asked them, so I could have started stuffing my face again, but what the heck.  I managed to eat it all before it got cold, and I have another tomato for tomorrow night.  I have more fish to fry too, but I think I may oven fry them this time.  Hopefully no smoke that way.

Actually I’m surprised I didn’t set the alarm off earlier today.  I canned some watermelon pickles.  The water in the water bath pan I used was boiling over and the entire apartment was heating up, but I not only got 3 pints of pickles, but I also canned the leftover pickling solution, so if I decide I like the pickles I’ll reuse the leftover solution and make another batch before the summer is over.  I’ve always heard of them, but have never tasted them, so after I let them set for a couple of weeks to absorb all the flavors I’ll open a jar and take a bite or two.  If they live up to my hopes I’ll make more, if not I’ll find someone who likes them and give them away, and use the leftover solution in a relish.

I did take pictures of the pickles, from start to finish, but forgot to put the card back in my camera, so they are on the camera itself.  I know I have a cable somewhere that will hook the camera up to the computer, but I have a drawer full of cables that belong to a lot of different things, so it will take me some time to find it.  If I ever do, and if I make more pickles, I’ll use those pictures for a blog on the new pickles.

And just to show what a great day this started out to be, I went to the grocery this morning to pick up a few things, and got a bag of flour that I didn’t notice was split until I stuck it in the basket in my lap.  I looked down and my jeans were covered in white flour, as was my power chair, the little basket, and everything around me.  So, a well-floured morning and a visit from the Fire Department to end the day.  What more could a girl want?



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