Solitaire(y) Sunday Afternoon

100_2295 I love playing Solitaire.  It’s something I probably inherited from my parents, but I never Magnolia bloomlearned how to shuffle the cards.  Not that I’m THAT much of a klutz — well, truthfully, I am, but when I try to shuffle, the cards fly everywhere.  So back in the dark ages, before the invention of the home computer, I had a hard time playing any card game.

When I was expecting Don I was certain he would be a football player, because every night he kicked.  He tackled.  He ran around in my stomach.  Never still for a second.  So every night I sat at the kitchen table and played Solitaire.  After a month or so, I decided to start keeping track of my wins and losses.  By the time Don was born, four months later, I had played more than two thousand games, and won two of them.  Not a very good record, but I’m sure it was because I couldn’t shuffle the cards.  My luck couldn’t have been that bad — I hope.  Maybe I was just too sleepy to record all of my wins.  Okay, that sounds better, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

When I got my first home computer I didn’t know anything about how to use it.  I had figured out how to plug up my VCR to my TV, so I really thought I could figure out how to use a computer also.  Wrong answer.  So, I called a nerd — my brother.  He’s great with computers.  He came in, started fooling around with it, reeling off facts and miscellaneous stuff faster than I could write it down, or understand it.  Then he left, telling me to just play with the computer, because that was the best way to learn.  Thanks Ray.  It’s a well-known fact in the family that the guy’s a genius, but he could never be a teacher.  Hehehe, guess what he’s doing now, along with being a priest and chaplain?  He’s a professor at Brescia University.  And his students understand him.  Doesn’t say much for me though.

Back to the Solitaire now.  While playing around with my computer, I found the games.  And there was my old friend, Sol.  No more shuffling cards.  The computer did all the work for me.  I had to learn to play all over again, clicking that crazy little mousie around.  I keep knocking it off the desk, so half the time I’m chasing mousie around the room.  Then I got really brave and discovered there are more than 5000 ways to play Solitaire.  I learned three of them.

After I started working the afternoon shift at the nursing home, I had to have something to help me relax when I got home around midnight.  There was my old friend, Sol, just waiting for me to boot up the computer.  The only problem there was that I eventually got Carpal Tunnel syndrome.  Now that hurts!  No Sol for a couple of weeks, while I had to wear a brace on my wrist.  How do you make lemonade from a lemon like that?

I still play Sol at night.  Can’t sleep if I don’t play a few games.  When my computer crashed last year I had to buy an e-reader that had games on it so I could play Sol.  Not that I minded reading the books.  Don’t get me wrong there.  I love to read.  But without Sol I just couldn’t sleep.  And just to put a little more fun in it, I now have my mom hooked on it too.  She always used a deck of cards until I kept telling her how much easier it is to play on the computer.  No more shufflin’ for these smart ladies.  Nope!  Not us!