A Blah Kind of Day

It’s Tuesday.  What can you say about Tuesday?  Not much happens on Tuesdays.  They are just blahy.  You wake up.  You’re either alive or dead.  If you get out of bed, chances are you’re alive.  If you don’t get out of bed you might still be alive, or you could be dead and not know it yet.  Since I got out of bed, I think I must still be alive.  Still, it could be fun to be a lively ghost.  Just think how much fun it would be to creep up behind someone and yell “Boo”, and watch them jump because they can hear you but don’t see you.  Okay, blame that line on Tuesday.

The Vegetable and Egg Lady was here this morning, and I was first in line, so I got most of her squash and green tomatoes.  I’m gonna make relish tomorrow.  There was one mutant squash that I left behind, but now I wish I had bought it.  It was kinda cute.  Two baby squashes that had grown together.100_2302 This is a picture of part of today’s haul.  I forgot about the onions.  And I had to get a few things at the grocery.  The cherries came from the grocery.  They add some pretty color to the picture, so that’s why they are there.  The flash sorta washed a lot of the color out of the squash.  Well, I never claimed to be a GOOD photographer.  I did a lot better with black and white.

After getting home from the grocery I waited around for the mail.  Just for a little bit.  Had some chicken in my bag, so I didn’t want it to go bad while I waited.  I finally gave up and came home, put the chicken in the fridge, put rest of things out of my way.  Sat down for a little while, but got restless and did something.  Don’t remember what now, but I know I did something.  Might have taken a nap.  I wouldn’t remember that, so maybe that’s it.

I do remember I didn’t eat lunch, because there was an MS function at Moonlite tonight.  For the uninitiated, the Moonlite Barbecue Inn is a legend in these parts.  They have a buffet with everything you would want on it, and a lot of things you didn’t know you wanted until you see them.  One thing I have learned with age.  Eat dessert first.  That way if you get too full, you will get your dessert in.  Biggest disappointment for me the past few times though — no cherry cobbler.  They are famous for their barbecue, but to my way of thinking, anyone can barbecue.  But I’ve gone there for the cherry cobbler since 1960.  Until this past spring they have never disappointed me.  All of our MS functions are there, but the last ones I’ve gone to, no cherry cobbler.  I may have to put on a signboard and picket them, hanging on to my walker, with “bring back cherry cobbler” written everywhere.  Maybe paint some cherries on my face.

When I got home I checked my mailbox.  Made me happy I didn’t wait around earlier.  Just a flyer from some company wanting to sell me something I don’t want/need/care about.  I keep asking the postman to just put stuff like that in file 13, but he said he has to deliver it.  Even if it doesn’t have my name on it.  Just addressed to “Resident”.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Do the companies who send out that junk really think someone is going to read it?

I have a new neighbor on the floor.  I don’t think I’m going to like him much.  He has a scooter (like a 3-wheeler for old people) and a grandson.  I have nothing against grandsons.  I have some myself.  But this particular kid drives grandpa’s scooter up and down the hall all day.  Even drives it downstairs in the lobby.  And when I foolishly mentioned to grandpa that the kid shouldn’t be doing that, he cussed me out.  Fortunately it was in front of witnesses.  After they left the building one of the guys who heard him said no man should ever speak that way to a lady.  In fact, he told me he was afraid for a few minutes the man was going to hit me.  Well, he might hit me once, but he would not hit me twice.  I don’t have the strength I used to have, but remember enough moves to take him down, and then call the police.

Well, that was my blah Tuesday.  At least I have some constructive plans for Wednesday.  See ya’ then.