A Most Unusual Day

100_2303 This morning, before I got out of bed, I planned on making two kinds of relish.  Squash and green tomato.  Then my body got up but my brain stayed in bed.  This happens to me a lot.  I really should remember to get up slooooowly, but sometimes (most of the time) I forget.  This time, as soon as I got up I could see the aura that precedes a migraine.  Not today!  I had so many plans for today.  Migraines weren’t on the plans.

Then my Aunt Marie called to let me know she had the information I had asked her for about the names of my cousins.  There are a lot of them, scattered all over the place.  One of them had contacted me and asked if I knew their names.  Haha.  Since we both have MS, I think she knew I would know as much as she did about that.  But I knew who to call, and it wasn’t Ghost Busters.  Our family historian is Aunt Marie.Callie and me55 I thought I had her picture in the background here, but that’s Ethan.  Sorry E.  The funny looking big guy is my Uncle Hayman.  He’s Aunt Marie’s, uh, other (?) half.  And of course, the little kid with the funny hat is Andrew, my youngest grandson.

So, when I got the call from Marie, I told her I would meet her downstairs.  We’ve been having elevator problems and I figured I would get down there about the same time she got here.  I was right.  We sat down and she showed me the lists of cousins, their children, their grandchildren, and in some cases, their great-grandchildren.  She couldn’t remember where she got all the information, but I’m just amazed she has it.  I got copies made at the office, one for Kathy and one for me.  I haven’t counted them yet, but I’m hoping I don’t run out of fingers and toes before I finish.  Well, I’ll have to mark each time I reach the twenty mark.  I’m pretty sure that’s how many fingers and toes I have.  I’ll check that out later.

Well, to make a long story short, when we got out to the door it was raining polecats and something or other.  I was hanging onto my walker when I suddenly started to go down.  A friend who was sitting on a bench there jumped up and yelled “catch her”, and a guy standing next to me did.  Caught me, that is.  Thankfully, Marie was looking for her cell  phone and didn’t see any of that happening.  When she saw them helping me to the bench she realized what had happened, and I guess it scared her.  A lot.  I told her I was used to it, but she told me she wasn’t.  Guess that’s true, but it happens so much I don’t think about it.  Just another train wreck moment for me.

I got back up to the apartment and decided to forget about the relishes, and just start pitting my cherries.  I wanted cherry syrup tomorrow morning, and I think it will have to cook all night in the crock pot to get to syrup consistency.  I could sit in the recliner and watch TV while pitting the cherries.  And take a bite or two along the way.100_2309 I also could splatter some on my shirt for a midnight snack.  I’ll never know why I don’t wear black or dark brown all the time.

After several hours of pitting, resting, pitting, resting, more pitting….That’s not something I’m really fond of doing100_2312 I got them all finished and after looking at the rubber gloves I wore, I’m glad I remembered to put them on.  Next into the food processor, then the crock pot with the simple syrup.  I just still didn’t have a clear enough head to put them in the pot and stir for an hour.  That means tomorrow morning I’ll have to put the syrup in the jars, so tomorrow morning I’ll have to remember to get up sloooooooly.  Really light-headed right now.  But one last thing to do before bed.  Set up the sourdough waffle sponge.  Then I’ll crash, hopefully in the bed and not on the floor.  After the mandatory games of Sol, of course.