Another Train Wreck

Today started out like yesterday.  Body got up, brain screamed “what do you think you’re doing?”  Body told brain, “I’m hungry”.  Brain said, “get back down here, I’m not ready to get up yet.  I’ll tell you when you can get up.”  Body fell on floor instead of bed.  Walker fell on body.  Brain just laughed.

After a few minutes of just lying there, I decided I would have to take charge.  I had cherry syrup in the crock pot waiting to be put in jars.  My Good Housekeeping Fairy, Irene, was coming soon and I didn’t want her to find me asleep on the floor.  And I had a double batch of waffles proofed and ready to bake.  So, I pulled myself to my feet, picked up the walker, gave it a good shake, and made it to my stool in the kitchen.  Scalded my jars for the syrup, which had to be done first.  Dropped a jar on the floor and broke it.  Typical morning.

Irene came in and I warned her I had dropped a jar.  Don’t know why I warned her, since she had shoes on.  I didn’t.  Who wears shoes in their own apartment?  I had socks on, that’s enough for this country gal.  Trouble was, I was stuck on that stool with broken glass all around me.  Irene to the rescue.  After she swept up the glass, she asked me what I was doing.  Welllll, canning syrup, making waffles, going to make relish, probably a nap at some point.  Just sorta having fun in my own cracked way.

After I got all the jars filled and in the stock pot I use for water baths, I decided it was time to rest a few.  Guess I took that nap then, because when I woke up the place was clean, Irene was gone, and I couldn’t find most of my stuff.  It’s always a scavenger hunt after Irene leaves.  I keep forgetting to ask her to write down the new location for things.The dumpling pot This is the dumpling pot, being put to another use.100_2315 These are the ground up veggies for the squash relish, with a lot of green peppers.  Sweet and hot both.  More hot ones than sweet.  I really like the hot ones.  Elaine wants me to teach her to use the dumpling pot for it’s usual purpose, making dumplings.  Elaine lives in Colorado.  I live in Kentucky.  Bit of difficulty there, location wise.  Plus, I’ve heard altitude can cause things in the bread department to be different.100_2316 This is the mess I created while putting the relish in jars.  Irene hid my jar funnel from me and I didn’t have time to go on a scavenger hunt at that moment.  And I really hate doing dishes.100_2317 These are the sealed jars of relish.  I had to make a quick run to K-Mart for the jars.  And they didn’t have any pint jars left.  So I have one pint jar and 7 half pints.  I think.  As you can see, I washed the dirty dishes, so I could put the jars on the cutting board to cool.  I really, really hate washing dishes.  Doesn’t really take that long.  It just destroys my beautiful hands.  For any who don’t know me, that’s a funny.

Now my day is complete.  I even have time to read another chapter of my book.  Or watch the Food Channel.  The possibilities are endless, now that my brain is awake.  Or maybe I’m still asleep and dreaming all of this.  I could even be snoring.  This could still be yesterday.  Or Groundhog’s Day.  I saw the movie.  It could happen that way.  I could even be having a nightmare.  I once dreamed about — well, never mind.  That’s a whole nother story.