Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday I talked about Irene’s visit, and how I can never find things when she leaves.  So today, I went on my usual scavenger hunt.  Always a lot of fun.  Had to wait until afternoon though.  Mornings are still giving me a problem.  I’ve diagnosed my symptoms, and realized I’m just not a morning person.  Body may wake up, but brain doesn’t until about noon.  So, practical solution — go to bed at 2 a.m. and don’t get up until noon.  I can live with that.

I put some chicken, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot yesterday afternoon.  Kept thinking something was missing.  Had some for late dinner.  Realized what was missing — the onions and garlic.100_2318 They were among the hidden items.  Found them on shelf behind the microwave.  They should have been with the potatoes, in a basket on shelf above the microwave.  First item found.  Dug crock out of fridge, took chicken and veggies out.  Put crock back in pot and added big honkin’ chunks of onions and garlic.  Still didn’t know what it would turn out to be.  Got some broccoli out of freezer, and added it to mix in crock pot.  Not bad, so I shredded some chicken in.  Tore the taters and carrots apart with my hands (like that mind pic, Syl?), looked thru pantry for anything that looked good.  Threw it all in the pot.  Now I’m waiting for it to cook together.  Sure hope it tastes good after all that.  Probably should look for Mikey to try it first.  As the old commercial said, “he’ll eat anything!”

Next item found,100_2319 here’s a better idea of what that is100_2320 my canning funnel.  Gulp, golly, big sigh.  I’m the culprit.  I moved it there because it was in my way.  Naturally, the last place in the world I would think of looking.  Especially since I just threw the scarf I was wearing on top of it when I got home.  Okay, now I know.  And Magic Raincoat is right there with it, so I’ll be able to find it.  Maybe.  With me, it’s always a toss-up.

Then started looking for the tops to my plastic containers.100_2321 How many people would think of hanging them in the closet?  Not many, but I’ve started catching on to the way Irene thinks.  Sometimes.  Well, once in a while.  Occasionally.

I still haven’t found my little pink piggy.  It’s my oven timer.  I like little piggies.  Not the living ones, just the kind that sit around and look cute.  I used to have some stuffed piggies.  I made them, dressed them in frilly dresses and put ribbons on their heads.  They got lost in the constant shuffle of my life.  I do want to find my little pink piggy though.  I forget to check the clock when I put things in the oven.  Without piggy I would let them burn.  And probably never even know they were burning.  I don’t have a sense of smell.  Hit my head too many times.  Maybe I could get a nose transplant.  Or a new brain?  A really smart one.

Oh, a little off the subject.  Well, actually that subject is closed anyway, since I haven’t found piggy yet.  Remember the cherry stains on my tee-shirt?  Got them out!  Soaked the shirt overnight with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.  Stain came out, color stayed in.  I know.  The shirt looked white.  It is actually yellow.  Now completely restored.  I put the whole shirt in, just in case the mixture removed the color, but it only removed the stain.  I think I’ll see if I can find it by the gallon.