Random Thoughts on a Boring Day

Maroon Bells in Colorado

Maroon Bells in Colorado



I just decided to lead off today with a really pretty picture.  Not sure if Sylvie or Larry took it, but I love it.  Colorado is a beautiful state, but I can’t go there.   It’s just too high.  People with MS can’t go places that are so high.  The last time I was there was 1992.  Before I knew I had MS.  Now I visit it thru Sylvie’s photos.  It’s really a lot more fun for me that way.  Not as tiring as sitting in a car all those hours.  Already have dead feet.  Sometimes dead hands.  Don’t need dead butt to go with them.

I made a few discoveries today.  Did a little bit more scavenging.100_2322 Saw some bright pink staring out at me from the bottom of the table next to my chair.  YAY!  Pink piggy.  Now I can cook again.  Piggy is back on the counter.  Last two green tomatoes behind him.  Think I might oven fry them tonight.  No chance of setting off smoke alarm again.  I hope.  And I can time them.  Think I’ll stick some zucchini in there with them.  Or, maybe I’ll just oven dry all of it.  Who knows.  Does it really matter in the scheme of things?

Also found this: 100_2323 my yarn stash that I hadn’t even missed yet.  100_2324 And my snacks that I had forgotten about.  I remember getting the Veggie sticks now.  Got hungry when I was doing the laundry, so decided on those instead of candy bar.  I got two bags, but only ate one, so I had this one left over.  The pretzels should have been on the table next to my chair.  Found them across the room on a different chair.  Don’t ask me.  I don’t know how they got there.  For that matter, I don’t know how I got here.  Like the title says, random thoughts.

Did you know a sneeze travels 100 mph?  That means I’ve traveled close to 1000 miles today without ever leaving my apartment.  Imagine that!  Anyone want to come visit me tonight?  Maybe we could have a sneezing contest.

I finished pitting my cherries today.  Didn’t get any juice on myself this time.  Got some on the towels I had wrapped around me though.  And had to soak another shirt last night.  I dripped some cherry syrup on it.  I’m wondering now if my mixture of water and Hydrogen Peroxide will take out old stains.  Every time I eat I dribble something on my shirt.  I call it my midnight snack.  Not too embarrassing at home, but really a bummer in a restaurant.  It always involves white shirts and tomatoes.  Or grease.  I’m not sure which is the hardest to get out.  Probably both.  Nah, grease.  I’m not sure what works as a degreaser.  Dawn dish detergent?  Works on dishes.

100_2267 Just thought I’d show you what an ingenious idea Irene came up with for my kitchen utensils.  I used to have to dig around the drawer and an old flower pot for them.  Don’t ask.  One day after she left I didn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for them.  They were right there where I could find them.  Most of them don’t match, since I used to forget what I had and would see one on sale.  Bought it thinking I didn’t have one like it.  Naturally found one similar when I got it home.  But you never know when you’ll need two of something.  Small problem getting the cutting board out from behind them though.

I discovered the mystery ingredient gloop I had in the crock pot a few nights ago was really pretty good.  Still not sure what’s in it, but have saved it all in freezer.  Just named it gloop.  I should have written down what I put in it.  Never know when I might want to make it again.  Or not.

Just another random thought here.  If you ever decide to behead someone, make sure there’s no one around.  The head remains alive for 30 seconds after beheading, so that would give it time enough to identify you.  Just saying.