Disasters and Decisions

Alone in the dark I just needed something pretty to look at while I write this.  That’s a pretty flower, isn’t it?Magnolia bloom  This one is too.

So, here we are.  First disaster.  I got up this morning.  First decision, I’m just going to start living on the floor.  Might as well, since that’s where I always end up.

I didn’t take any photos today, because of the rest of the disasters.

First, after pulling myself back to my feet, I made my green tomato relish.  A person would think when you take the blade out of the food processor it only makes sense to put it back in before trying to chop more veggies.  Have I ever said I was sensible?  Three times I had to dump veggies out of F.P. bowl to put the blade back in.  THREE TIMES!!!  Okay, I got my relish finished.  Put in jars.  Processed.  All sealed.  Dishes cleaned up.

Next disaster.  Blueberry, raspberry syrup in the crock pot.  Ran everything thru the food processor.  Even remembered to put the blade back in.  Poured entire mess in crock pot.  Just didn’t like the way the blueberries looked.  They weren’t pureed enough.  So….I grabbed my emulsion blender.  All sane people know better.  Have I ever said I was sane?  Can you guess what happened?  I could still take a picture of that mess, because I still haven’t had the courage to go back in the kitchen.  I did get the stains off myself–after much scrubbing.  My pink shirt will need soaking.  Blue jeans don’t really show blueberry stains, so just need to go in laundry.  Big sticky mess.

Decision:  I will eventually have to go back in kitchen to put syrup in jars.  Have to seal them, process them.  Have to clean up the mess.  Big sigh here.  But I have discovered a good stain remover.  Hydrogen peroxide and water.  Not sure of the proportions, but to soak clothes I used half a bottle of peroxide to a bucket of water.  Just to make sure I didn’t take the color out of part of the shirt I put the whole shirt in the bucket so it would all come out the same color.  Stain removed, color stayed.

back yard gardenI need more flowers.  This will not get me down.  But I am really considering making a bed on the floor.  Maybe build a tent over it and play “camping out”.  I could invite some friends over to play with me.  We could call ourselves the Arthritic Idiots.  That would put a brand new spin on getting up in the morning.  Maybe we could have a prize for the first one on their feet.  The only downside to that could be that we would all spend the day on the floor.  Or have to call 911 to help us get up.  That could be fun.  We could come up with great ideas to explain why we were all down there.  And have a prize for the best idea.  I think I’m on to something here.

Now I have to go back in the kitchen.  It might be easier to move.