My Computer Cheats

You all know how much I love to play Solitaire on my computer.100_2327  Imagine my surprise when I discovered it cheats!  How low can a computer go when it has to start cheating at Solitaire.  This game is unfinished, but the two before were like this one.  I was cheated out of wins both times.  All because I don’t know how to shuffle cards.

100_2326  Even worse, my Nook cheats too.  I use it late at night when I can’t sleep.  I’ve told both of these machines how much I depend on them to help me sleep.  Do they care?  Nope!  I think I’ve even heard them chuckle.

Sometimes when I hit deal the cards all come out the same color.  All red.  Or all black.  When I hit the icon to deal out the next cards, they are also the same color.  Like the entire deck suddenly changed to one color.  No way to win.  The machines cheat!  You can’t play a black on black.  Or a red on red.  And if by some chance the red or black comes up, it’s not a number needed.  They frequently take the aces out of the deck.  Or the kings.  Sometimes all of the face cards.  That’s dirty pool.  Oops, I mean Solitaire.

I’ve played cards with real card sharks is my favorite one, but I don’t think we’re playing cards here.  This is Andrew, my youngest grandchild.  He always wins, but he never cheats.  He’s just one of those kids who can play any game and win.  Since his sister and brothers know he always wins, they don’t like to play with him.  Grammy is a sucker for that kid though.  I’m a sucker for all my grandkids.  They all know it too.

But back to that computer. 100_2328 That white space in the middle is telling me there are no more possible moves.  You can see all the cards still on the board.  The cheater knew when it dealt the cards that it was a losing hand.  It dealt them anyway.  Cheater.  And to think, I look forward to these games all day.  I think I’ll have to start a new afternoon and bedtime tradition.

Maybe I could hit myself on the head with my rubber mallet at bedtime.  Nah, that sounds too painful.  It’s bad enough to fall on my face every morning.  Don’t think I could hit myself on purpose every night.  Now, last night’s idea of sleeping on the floor might work.  It would take time to get down there on purpose.  Then slipping and sliding myself around all day would eventually wear me out.  Yeah, that might be the answer.

Or maybe I could just Grammynap Andrew.  He’s nine now and would keep me on my toes.Andrew April 6 2012 Of course, I would also have to have Noah hereMike and Noah cooling off to keep him company.  Noah is 12, but they are really good buds.  That way I wouldn’t have much chance at the cheating computer.  I would be busy feeding a couple of hungry kids.  That’s more fun than cheating computers any day.