A Typical MS Day

This post will be a lot different from the rest.  Mostly, no pictures.  Maybe some humor.  I don’t know.  Nothing feels funny today.

I woke up, I suppose that was a good thing.  My headache was worse than ever.  That’s a bad thing.  I can deal with all the other parts of my body that hurt at different times, but the headaches are killers.  Tried to go back to sleep, but was too tired to sleep.  Took meds for headache, but they don’t work.  Pulled cover over my head to block out light.  Too hot that way.  Wore sunglasses.  Helped, but bothered my head more.

Couldn’t stand up at all.  Hunger finally had me crawling to fridge.  Nothing looked good, but I knew I had to eat something.  Can’t remember now what it was.  Remember having trouble swallowing it.  Always trouble swallowing on days like this.  MS is a monster disease.  You look normal.  Other people wonder why you are so lazy.  Why the blueberry stains are still on kitchen wall.

Went downstairs to get my mail.  Staggered back home.  Headache is worse now.  I probably looked drunk, but I don’t drink anything alcoholic.  Never.  Just don’t like it.  Makes me sick.

My apartment is so hot now.  Fan is going, but not cooling anything.  So tired.  Headache worse.  So many things to do.  Just want to go back to bed.  But bed hurts too.  It all hurts.  No one can see it.  No one understands it.