Chopping Onions, Garlic & Dogs

Dog lovin' catI’m not talking about hot dogs here.  I’m talking about bed-bug sniffing dogs.Max again  Max was definitely NOT a bed bug sniffing dog.  He was a bed loving dog.  And I don’t intend to chop one up.  But there is a notice in our hall telling us the pest control people will be here in the morning at 9 a.m. with bed bug sniffing dogs, so we should all be up, dressed and not be eating anything at that time.  I’m not a morning person.  If I were a morning person, maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with this.  But I don’t get my mojo going until noon.

For the record, I DON’T HAVE BED BUGS!!!!  I would know if I had them, because I would have bites all over my body.  And I don’t want anyone to tell me what time I have to get up and get dressed.  I’m retired.  If I want to stay in bed until the middle of the afternoon, I’ve earned that right.  And I don’t want anyone to tell me when I can eat.  If I’m hungry, I’ll eat.  Even if it’s at 9 a.m., which is unlikely, because, as I said, I’m not a morning person.

So, I’ve decided that tonight I’m going to chop some onions and garlic.  I’ll put a small amount on a plastic lid and stick it in my doorway, so as soon as that dog sticks it’s nose in they will pull it back out.  If they will wait until I am awake and up at my own good time I’ll remove the stinky stuff, and invite them in, but if they invade while I’m still in bed, UhUh.  That’s an invasion of my privacy.

There has been an invasion of bed bugs spreading across the country.  I know there have been a lot of apartments in this building that have had them.  Last year, or maybe the year before (I’ve lost a brain cell since then) a certain un-named furniture store here had a bed bug outbreak.  Instead of doing the right thing, and destroying the inventory, and taking the loss, they had a huge Mother’s Day sale.  A lot of people in this building got new furniture for Mother’s Day that year.  They also got a less welcome gift of bedbugs.  So, all of us are now still having to suffer the consequences of their action.

One of my friends had to have his apartment treated four times.  The treatment is to heat the apartment to 140 degrees, which supposedly kills the bugs.  Considering the fact that his apartment was treated four times, we figured the heat only revitalized them, because when winter came and he left his apartment cold, the little blood suckers went away.  He didn’t have the bugs at first either.  His neighbor did.  Then she had a stroke and was hospitalized.  Since they had no warm blood there they migrated to the apartments on both sides of hers.  The irony here is that he doesn’t even have a bed.  He rolls a sleeping bag out on the floor at night.  No one in this building is wealthy.  Most of us are barely getting by each month.  Before this he was saving money to buy a bed.  Now he’s saving money to try to find another place to live.

I have thought of moving, but the truth is, I just don’t want to.  This building is the safest one in several states, and is so close to a Kroger’s, K-Mart, a pharmacy, HallMark store, every type of restaurant you would want….Besides that we are only about three blocks from the library.  The present management has let everything run down, but still, I like it here.  We have good people, but we also have bad ones.  You find that everywhere.  You cope.  Life happens.

For now, I have some onions and garlic to chop.