They Came, They Saw, They Left

B0000305  This is actually my “nephew” dog Satyr, but the sniffin’ dogs look a lot like him.  They didn’t bring them in, because I really did have some garlic juice in a bottle top in the hall.  But they tore my bed apart looking for little critters.  And as I said last night, I don’t have bedbugs.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep, because I’m not a morning person.  And actually, they didn’t get to my floor until this afternoon, but as promised, at 9 a.m. a voice boomed over the PA system telling us they were in the building.  I waited around for a while, then got bored and went outside for a while.  So nice and cool, but a little bit drippy.  There were a lot of clouds overhead, and it looked like it would rain any minute.

I really wanted to go to the grocery.  Don’t know why it seemed so important to go this morning.  It just did.  Cheeries were on sale, and these will probably be the last ones of the season, and I really do love cherries.  So, after hanging around, talking to people about the weather (one thing about the weather, we all have an opinion), I finally decided to go for it.  Naturally, I took Magic Raincoat.  And once again, it didn’t let me down.100_2333 Here is part of my haul from the grocery when I got home.  Cheeries, apples and peaches.  Also some sugar, sweet potatoes and Portobello mushrooms.  Bet you can’t guess what I’m having for din-din tonight.  A portoburger, and some cherries.  The cherries will be dessert.  Haven’t decided yet, but I might bake a sweet potato to go with the burger.  I actually intended to get cabbage when I went, so I could make some cabbage rolls tonight.  Notice what’s missing from the pile?  It’s going to be hard to make a cabbage roll without a cabbage.  Guess that will be another trip.

Finally met my new neighbor this morning.  We’ve been calling him Santa Clause, because he looks a lot like Santa.  I have some problems remembering names, but I think his name is Rodney something or other.  He started talking about some friends from Catholic High, so naturally I asked him if he knew any Blandfords.  He remembered one who used to run the Big Dipper.Big Dipper Now THAT took me back a few years.  My aunt used to manage it, my cousin worked there, and after school some days, when I went to OCHS, we would take our lunch money and walk down there, or probably ran, grab a burger to go, and ran back to catch the bus for home.  School lunches in those days weren’t much to talk about.  And the Dipper was our hangout.  Each high school had their own little dive, and the Dipper was ours.

It’s still there, and still as popular with the teen crowd as ever.  My sister still goes there when she comes home to visit.  I think I’ve outgrown them though.  They just don’t have the same taste they had those days after school when we were starving from skipping the cafeteria lunches.  But when the food looks the way ours did, you can suffer the pangs of hunger for a couple of hours and wait long enough to run down to the Dipper.  It was only about a mile and we were young then.  Now I would be the one who got eaten by the bear.  Well, you know.  They say if you are chased by a bear you just have to outrun the slowest person in the group.  Put to the test though, I don’t know.  I just might be able to beat them all.

Right now, I have a portoburger to burn.