Another Tuesday Night

100_2341 Okay, sing along here.  Another Tuesday night with another thunderstorm….Oh, you don’t recognize the song?  Remember “Another Saturday Night”?  Just substitute my lyrics, look at this picture, and you’ll see what I mean.  I still want to get a pic of some good lightning flashes, but it seems like all I ever get are the clouds rolling in.

Oh, well, on to other subjects.  Remember I was talking about going to the grocery yesterday?  (I still don’t have the cabbage).  Any way, while I was putting my peaches in the bag, I heard a young voice say “this one looks good”.  Then I heard his mom, who was standing next to my chair tell him to “leave the lady alone”.  When I looked around, a crestfallen little boy was putting a peach back in the bin.  I realized then that he was trying to help me.  So I told him that really did look like a good peach, and he picked it up again and handed it to me.  I asked him if he saw any other good-looking ones, so he helped me fill my bag, with a big smile on his face.  His mom kept apologizing for him, and it suddenly hit me that he had seen a person who possibly needed help, while she saw a person who maybe didn’t want to be bothered.  I told her everything was fine, that I wished more kids were as helpful as he was, because so many of them are just the opposite.  When I left the area I left behind a little boy with a huge smile on his face, because he had helped a person who he saw as needing help.

I got more peaches today, with my box of goodies from Cecil Farms. 100_2334 Tomatoes, melons, blueberries, peaches, potatoes.  All beautiful, and so delicious.100_2335 I’ve been popping those tiny tomatoes in my mouth all day.  Lunch was sautéed asparagus from the grocery yesterday, watermelon pickles I made a month or so ago, and a handful of those little tomatoes.  For a snack I ate a peach, complete with juice dripping down my chin.  Dinner was another portoburger, watermelon pickles, and more little tomatoes.  Well, I don’t want the tomatoes to go bad.  That would not be a good thing.

I’ll either pickle the okra, or slice it and freeze it for frying later.  I haven’t really decided yet.  I do know pickled okra will stop my coughing in no time at all, where the usual cough meds don’t do anything at all for me, with the added benefit of a serving of green vegetable thrown in.  Truthfully, it’s probably the pickling liquid that stops the coughing, but the okra is pretty gosh darn good that way, so I just tell myself it’s the key to the remedy.

I do wish I could get one of those tomatoes to my mom.  She loves fresh tomatoes even more than I do.  I had one as a bedtime snack a few nights ago, and it really hit the spot.  And I’ll hopefully have enough watermelon rind to make more pickles.  I had heard of them all my life, but until this year had never tasted them.  Just for the heck of it I decided to make some, and now I’m hooked.  They are good.  Really, really good.

100_2338 Just another reminder of what’s going on outside my window, while I’m all snug and cozy in here, enjoying all my blessings.  Now there are some cherries calling my name.  My cup runneth over.