Small Annoying Things

First of all it’s Wednesday.  For some reason I find that annoying.  Nothing special ever seems to happen on Wednesday.  Not even a thunderstorm today.  The first day this week without one, and it happened on Wednesday.  That should make me happy, right?  Nope!  It just annoys me.  Mainly because I could have gone out this morning to get my cabbage, and I forgot to go.

Another thing I forgot was to put rubber gloves on before pitting cherries.  Icky, sticky dark stains under my fingernails.  I’ll have to soak them forever in peroxide to get those stains out from under the nails.  And it didn’t happen on Monday or Tuesday.  It happened on Wednesday.

100_2333 See those apples?  I had them chopped up and cooking in the crock pot for juice.  The last time it was the most delicious juice I had ever tasted.  Today?  So sour I had to use sugar and honey both to sweeten it up.  I just let it reduce to a syrup after that.  Just suddenly lost my urge for apple juice.  Another small annoyance.

And both of my lovely Portobellos are gone.  Such wonderful substitutes for beef in making burgers.  The cherries are in the freezer, and tonight I’ll work on the peaches.  And the second try making summer sausage.  I am determined to make some that looks as good as the rolls my mom made.  Today might be the wrong day to start these, since everything I’ve done so far has just annoyed me, but since it has to be done, and I’m already annoyed, I might as well go ahead with it.

I also tripped over my walker.  Now how annoying is that?  I was behind it for pete’s sake, and still managed to trip over it.  No one can ever accuse me of not having a special kind of talent.  I mean, shucky dern, how can you be hanging on to the handles, and still trip on the wheels?  Specialized talent.

Chicken & egg I found this picture on Facebook, and just wondered if anyone can guess the answer.  It’s one of those annoying questions people ask all the time.  Personally, I would think that God created the animals, so the chicken came first.  Just sayin’.

This will be a short post, because 1) I’m annoyed.  2) I have to go and get up to my elbows in ground beef.  And 3) I have peaches to deal with.  Now I’m suddenly not annoyed any more, because I just thought about that sweet little boy helping me fill my bag with peaches Monday.  So now I’m smiling and happy.  And really looking forward to taking care of those peaches.  Sweet.




3 thoughts on “Small Annoying Things

  1. lol. i am amused, so thank you for that 🙂 ( i do hope you get those cherry stains out from under your fingernails lol)

    • They’re mostly gone. I’ve spent most of the day with my hands in water and peroxide. Thanks for your comment. Love your blog.

      • thanks! although i’m sure some of your daily conundrums must annoy you, the way you write about them is quite amusing. so thank you for putting a smile on my face. (not at your expense, just because of your storytelling)

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