Things have changed a bit today.  This morning I slept in.  Then went outside for some fresh air.  Got the air.  Got sinus problems with it.  Okay, I can adjust.

When I came in, refreshed and reinvigorated and sneezing, I decided to go on a scavenger hunt for the missing cable for my camera.  I took some pictures while I was out  and didn’t realize my memory stick was still in the computer.  Naturally.  They were great pics.  So, here are some of the things I found.100_2349 My missing screws.  100_2350 Lots of cables. 100_2353 10-year-old hard candy. 100_2351 Two pound weights used after my rotator cuff surgery.  Should start using them again.  I have “angel wing arm flaps”.100_2352 Certificate from Citizens Academy at the Police Department.

There are a lot of other discoveries in the pile also, but it would take forever to put them all on here.   I’m wondering if the candy would still be good after all these years, but not brave enough to try it.  After all, I tried some three-year old World’s Greatest Chocolate when I found where I hid it.  After three years it’s not the greatest any more.

So, after accomplishing nothing this morning, I decided to start on my cabbage rolls.  Bad decision.  Added too much water to the rice cooker.  Couldn’t separate the outer leaves from the cabbage without tearing them.  Cross contaminated rest of cabbage without thinking.  (One brain transplant needed.)  So, what to do?100_2354 Cabbage casserole!  I pulled my salad shooter off the shelf 100_2355 and all of this followed it.  Next project, organize the shelves.  By the way, the casserole is delicious.  I’ll hold out a couple of meals and freeze the rest for later.

After contaminating the rest of the cabbage I dumped it back in the sink, filled it with water and peroxide, and let it soak a few hours.  Still have to chop it, then will dry it for soups this winter.  Maybe, just to be sure, I’ll soak it overnight in the water/peroxide solution.  Maybe that’s because I’m tired.

I didn’t get the summer sausage baked off.  So I have two choices.  1) Stay up all night and bake it.  2) Give it another mix and bake it tomorrow.  It takes 6 hours to bake at very low heat.  I’m leaning toward choice # 2.

For now, I’m a couple of feet away from my bed, and leaning in that direction.  Don’t know why sleeping makes me sleepy.



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