Well Shut The Barn Door

Not literally a barn door.  But some things just don’t get fixed until bad things happen. 100_2346 In case you can’t read that sign, it says “Caution, trip hazard”.  It’s by the back of my building.  I neglected to take photos of the original place when it was first put out there.  It’s first appearance was a band-aid for a spot where the swing was.100_2345 The area had been hazardous for months, but no one did anything about it.  We just all knew to proceed with caution.  Until about ten days ago.  One of my friends had been in the swing, and when she decided to come back inside she didn’t step high enough.  She is recovering from broken leg and fractured skull, but it is still touch and go.  Management decided then it was time to put a band-aid out.

After a notice from her lawyer, they decided it might be better to fix the problem before any more people were injured.  My friend is in her 90’s, and her very best friend is 102.  We really need new management here.  This lady is running the building into the ground.

I like it here though.  Even though sometimes the wait for an elevator gives me time to review my entire life, check the ceiling for spider webs, count the flowers in the wreaths hanging by the elevator, take a nap on the bench across from the elevator, talk to the neighbors about how long we’ve been waiting, go back to the apartment for a snack.  Well, you get the idea.  Then when it comes it will either be full already, or it will stop on every floor for someone else to get on.  Ever wonder how a sardine feels in that little can?  I know.  At least the sardine is already gone to its reward in sardine heaven.

And as for shutting doors, 100_2356 this is how I keep my refrigerator door shut.  I am developing a love affair with a roll of duct tape.  Actually, I’m on my second roll of duct tape.  I have some on the freezer door also.  They have a tendency to pop open if not taped shut.  I’ve considered dynamite, but that could possibly cause some boo-boos to my bod.  Already have bruises I can’t remember getting.  Sure don’t want to get blown out the window.

On the bright side, my latest batch of summer sausage looks pretty.  Didn’t take a pic though.  Ate a slice and it’s kinda salty, so I’ll just have to make another batch.  They say three’s the charm, so maybe that will be true with sausage.

Noticed today that cherries are on sale again this week.  Better price than last week.  Guess I’ll just have to get another couple of pounds.  Just no way I can pass up cherries, especially when they are on sale.  Lots of sales I can pass up, but not cherries.  They are just too precious to me.  Too seasonal.B0000308 Just thought I’d leave you with something pretty to look at.  Not sure, but I think these are Rocky Mountain flowers.  Photo probably taken by my nephew Matt.  For those who have to work, have a happy Monday.  I’ll think of you when I wake up at noon — if I remember.