Cuzzins, Lots of ‘Em Part One

Since I am from a large family, this post will be an ongoing one for a few days.Cousins These are a few of mine.  This pic was taken way back when. youngcousins This is the older generation of cuzzins.  I recognize a few of them, but those of you who read my blog will have to remind me who some of them are.  The tall guy in the back has to be Don, the oldest boy cousin, and Shirley is next to him.  Please leave comments on the bottom of this page, not on FB or Twitter or LinkedIn, because they don’t always show up.

Whole Gang 2 This is a group photo of us in 2000.  We’ve multiplied a bit.  Not everyone showed up, but it was a pretty good turnout.  Of course, we barbecued, and there were a lot of photos I’ll be sharing.  And this is only the Blandford side of the family.  I’ll get to the Goetz side in another post.

agnes Blandford1896 This is Agnes Blandford, Papa’s first wife.  She died in childbirth, leaving him with two sons, Coleman and Ambrose.grandparents This is my grandmother, Lillian, and Papa on their wedding day.  I think most of the boys in the family look a lot like Papa, but they were all much taller.  Papa whistled.  My brother Ray, mentioned that he took each of the grandsons hunting with him, telling them to stay behind him and be quiet.  All the while he was whistling, and had his loaded shotgun over his shoulder, with the grandson right behind where he would be the perfect target if Papa tripped.  They each went hunting with him one time, and one time only.

Mary's Family These are my immediate family in 2000.  We have expanded also since then.B0000416 My two great-grandsons, Eli and Camden.Noah and Astroid 2013 Noah, my second to youngest grandson, shown here with his Grand Champion award-winning steer at the county fair this year.  Just last week, in fact.Noah & Champ steer Handsome young man, isn’t he?  Gold medal winners in steer and heifer categories, and Grand Champ in both.  This kid will carry on the Wink farming tradition in the future if he keeps this up.

Callie and me52 Andrew came along 9 years ago.  He’s a cute kid, but really in to a lot of strange outfits.  Like this hat.  He and Noah are great buds.  They spend a lot of time together when they can.  Noah lives here, Andrew lives in Frankfort.  Visits are far between, but they manage to pick up the role of BFF’s when they do get together.

sistersThe Hartle family, minus Jon, 2013 This is Elaine’s family, minus Jon, away at college.  She was almost like my first baby, because I was 13 when she was born, so naturally I spoiled her rotten.  I would put Sylvie in here but I promised her I wouldn’t.  She hates having her picture taken.

Motorcycle MamasThis photo was titled “Motorcycle Mamas”.  I recognize Aleene, but not sure about the others.  Any Blandfords out there who read this feel free to supply names.  I’m pretty sure Maude was one of them, because I think I remember mom telling me she flagged down the guy who owned the motorcycle and had him take this picture of them.  She was a really spunky lady.

grandmother My grandmother, playing Solitaire.  I think it must be genetic.  I inherited the gene from both sides of my family.

papa1Would this be considered as caught red-handed?  I remember we always went to visit grandmother and papa every Christmas, and there was a gift under the tree for each grandchild.  I don’t know how they did it.  Money was tight back then.  Papa was a farmer, and farmers just don’t get rich.

elders1 The elders, before they became elder.  The little girl in front is Eleanor and the bigger one is my mom.  The three oldest boys are Coleman, Ambrose and Joe, I think.  Vird is in front of my mom, if they are lined up by age.

Elders The remaining elders in June of 2000.  Nope!  Vird is missing.  He must have been supervising the cooking team.  And that’s a grease stain on Bernard’s pant leg.  From left to right…Bernard, Eleanor, Marie, John R. Mary (mom), and Pearl, representing Joe who had passed away.

Come back tomorrow and see more of my mom’s side of the family.  And don’t forget, there’s still dad’s side to go.



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  1. I tried to respond to this yesterday, but something happened and it didn’t go through ( I guess it’s just me and my computer illiteracy (sp?). I was trying to tell you that the in the first picture above with the cousins, I think that is Patty and me on the far right. Also, the little towhead in front is Carol and Betty is in front of Don. Not sure about the rest. Also, if you could email me this picture, it would be great

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