Cuzzins, Part Two

Last night I shared some of the photos of the Blandfords.  I have more for tonight.  I scanned several into my computer, but they refuse to show up when I try to download them to this link.  My computer and I frequently duke it out over things like this.  It usually wins.  A lot of the photos I wanted to include were distorted from time spent on the CD.  They are lost to me forever I guess, but here we go with some of the rest.

Motorcycle MamasThis one may have been included last night, but I love it.  Ray titled it “Motorcycle Mamas”.  And I do remember posting it already.  No clues on identity though.  I’ve lost a lot of brain cells since mom told me who’s who.

Vird My Uncle Vird’s family.  Since there are only four little girls, it was before Krista was born.  Don’t ask what year though.  I can’t even remember what year I was born half the time.  Or maybe I just try to forget.  I blame it on MS.  Others may get dementia, but not I.  I have MS and I’ll stick to that story even after they lock me away in an Alzheimer’s unit.

Tony Barbara Diane Patty  Tony, Barbara, Diane and Patty.  I think the order is right.  Tony and Diane made their first communion, Barbara was a flower girl, and Patty an angel.  She still is, even though she insists on living in Texas instead of Kentucky.  Everyone knows KY women are all angels. (That means I am too.)

angiecarolbarbara My first communion, along with Carol and Barbara.  Behind us are Father Saffer and Sister Marita.  Aren’t we all so cute in our pretty white dresses and veils?  More KY angels, even though Barbara also now lives in Texas, and Carol is in heaven.  Back then we thought we would live forever.

Steve1Communion Steve’s first communion.  Obviously, this was taken in our back yard.  Left to right we have Sylvia, mom, Ray, Steve and Larry.  Elaine wasn’t born yet, but I don’t know why Tony and I are not there.  I think I’ll claim discrimination here.

tonyangela Okay, just to make things better, this one is of Tony and me.  We used to have a lot of snow in this area, but not so much lately.  We tend to get ice now.  But aren’t we the cutest?

virdsdaughter This is one of Vird’s daughters.  I’m thinking Sheila, but could be wrong.  They are all a generation a bit younger than mine, so I got to play with them as if they were dolls.  She looks like one, doesn’t she?

Paul Michael Ronald Michael, Paul and Ronald.  Uncle Hubert’s boys.  And more Texans.  Now what does Texas have that KY doesn’t?  We lost Michael a few years ago too.  They are Patty and Barbara’s brothers.  The photo I had of all of them together was one that was contaminated and couldn’t be saved.  I hate that.

graduates Ah, yes.  Eighth grade graduation.  Dan, Diane, Carol and yours truly.  Barbara had moved to town by then, or she would have been in there with us.

There was a story Barbara told of how much her dad loved ice cream.  We would have to churn it in the country, but when they moved to Owensboro he could walk down the block to a small neighborhood grocery and buy a gallon any time he wanted it.  I guess there are some good things about living in town, but if I had my druthers, well, I’m just a country girl, transplanted to town.

Come back tomorrow for Part Three, and remember, this is still only one side of the family.



4 thoughts on “Cuzzins, Part Two

  1. Barbara, to get them on your computer, try right clicking on each picture, hit “save as” give each one a name, and save it to whatever destination you keep your pictures. Or they can be printed also by the same method.

  2. Angela, is there any way you can send me the pictures that my family is in? The one of my three brothers is amazing (we never had it!) And I’ve never seen the one with you, me and Carol. I have seen the one of Tony, Diane, Patty and me, but don’t know if I have a copy. If you could email them so that I could download them to my computer, it would be great.

    • I’ll try to get them to you Barbara. They will be in a separate email, that I can hopefully attach photos to. I have several of your family, and will send as many as I can.

      • Thanks. I appreciate anything you can do…and if they don’t go through, at least you will have tried.

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