More Train Wrecks

I’m taking a day off from the family blogs.  Oh, believe me, there’s a lot more to come, but today was a train wreck.  This morning I got up from the stool I sit on when I’m doing things in the kitchen, and fell.  Trapped between my power chair and some shelves.  Cell phone recharging across the room instead of in my pocket.  The impact knocked a lot of stuff off the shelves, including an open box of baking soda.  Anyone ever have a box of baking soda spilled on them?  Hair, face, clothes, floor, chair.

It took me about 20 minutes to extricate myself from that awkward position.  On my way over to get the broom to sweep up the soda mess, I bumped into the stove and of course, fell again.  At least it shook some of the soda off my head.  But I heard a loud crash from the stove area. 000_0016 The screens had fallen out of my stove fan.  Since I had been washing dishes anyway, while also working on waffles, I decided I might as well wash the screens as well.  When I WANT to take them out they fight me, but today, they just fell out.  Then fought me after I washed and dried them and put them back in.

I’m eating that watermelon right now.  The recipe papers have been put away for the next time, waffles made, and stock pot still in place on stove.

After sweeping up the soda, putting broom away, and taking out the garbage, I had to go on another scavenger hunt.  This time for my trash can liners.  Found them, and when I bent down to get ’em, you guessed it, I fell again.  Three times in an hour.  I’ve beat my own personal record.  Decided then to just go back to bed, hoping I wouldn’t fall out of that.

B0000308 I’ve decided some positive thinking might help my pounding head, and nothing is more positive to me than flowers.  These are Rocky Mountain flowers.  Colorado to be exact.  I’ve been there, but can’t go any more.  Bad environment for people with MS.  But they do have some beautiful flowers.  And at one time when I visited my sisters I saw lots of hummingbirds.  Some were actually roosting.  That’s something we don’t see much of in Kentucky.  It was the first time I had ever seen one roosting in my life.  Guess I thought they stayed in motion all the time, but even a hummingbird gets tired.

Another Maxine Maxine helps me forget things like headaches and bruises also.  Lots of moxie there. Mike 2013family-331 And see, I have some really good lookin’ kids.  I also have a beautiful mom.  I think the headache is getting better.  Now if I can make it another hour or so without falling again, everything will be great.

Tomorrow, Part 3 of Cuzzins.



2 thoughts on “More Train Wrecks

  1. awww i’m so sorry about your mishap(s) in the kitchen today! glad you are ok though! i trip and knock things over QUITE often! i call it “doing random gravity tests” lol. i could see myself spilling baking soda all over myself as well… hmmm, i suppose this will happen one day.
    you do have beautiful children 🙂
    also, i was born in CO it is beautiful out there! i live in NY now and visit once in a while as my grandmother and some of my aunts and uncles live out there.

    • Thanks Jess. It is beautiful in CO. Wish I could still visit, but the altitude is really bad for MS people. And baking soda is not all that easy to get out of your hair. Easy to get out of the clothes and off body, but had to wash hair about 4 times, finally rinse with vinegar and boil it out. Really clean hair though.

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