Cuzzins, Part Three

This will mostly be photos without comments.  Took another tumble this morning.  Another concussion.  Head spinning and headache unforgiving, so I’ll just put in the rest of the Blandford photos I could find.  Some , but blame it on the ostrich egg on my head.

Picture 026 cemetery where generations of Blandfords are buried.Picture 041DSC01964_edited-1DSC02020Chelsea at 18B0000374Picture 058New AmyMark and Sarah wedding picphoto (1)Mark and Amy ChristmasLes&SarahPicture 050Joe and Sarah CasacciaLarry riding camelWatching the EldersVirdfamilyLarry Marcia & familyVirdJohnniesistersinlawShirley2Sarah and Alex Swauger, by LeslieNoah & Champ steerPaul Michael RonaldPatty Michael BarbaraPatty Hubert BarbaraMaude Donnie JoeKrista & SheilaJoeMaudejoehubertdamienmariejoeeleanorGrandmother & MariegrandmothermaryangieginamaryangieginaanikaFaleasha WinkMary in the WindowCarmel, Darlene, DMarciaJaniceBettyAnnMaryDanKenHubert PattyTony the cook & crewEeanorEleanor Swansoncousins1armyleovirdjohnElder MarieDSC01961Carol Garrett DianeVirdfamily I think there are tons more, but these are the ones I could find without my usual battle with the computer.  Now I’m going to take something for the headache, and go back to bed.  If I can find a way to avoid the bruises.  Wish I could have identified them for you, but my brain isn’t working at present.



2 thoughts on “Cuzzins, Part Three

  1. Still dizzy and headache, but I’d be happy to write some lyrics for you. I may already have some that can be redone a bit. I’ll email when they’re finished, okay?

  2. Hope you are feeling better today…. noticing you have been blogging about family, and knowing you are the black sheep in yours (my assessment, not your’s of course) I was wondering if you’d write lyrics to a song for me. I’m having no luck with it. I have to be damn near drunk to write and I don’t drink much anymore… same with a love song.. no very recent heartbreaks, so I’m lacking the motivation to produce the words necessary. We are both old, and have the past to draw from in regard to our family experiences. You’d like for things to be better, to be understood by your family, appreciated a bit more, etc.. I’m the same, so anything you write would be much like I too feel. I’d be sure to give you credit for the lyric. you might like that.. I hope so.

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