Out and About

This morning I decided to take life in wheels and go to the grocery.  Just needed a few things, but as usual, they grew as I cruzed the aisles.  My list had been written.  It was still at home next to my favorite chair.  Right where I left it.  That’s the way it always works.  I did remember most of the stuff on it.  MOST of the stuff.  And naturally had to take the power chair before Mike transforms it.

Decided Mike and I should open an art gallery.  While he’s welding the chair, he could weld parts of old cars to it.  Maybe find some other junk to put in there.  You never know what could be lying around out there.  And I can take some canvas and open a few of the old paint cans.  Splash the paint on the canvas.  A lot of color.  The more you can’t understand it the more people read into it.  We could be famous.  Or we could be idiots.  Think my money would be on idiots.

Baby oil Ordered some soap making supplies today.  Sometimes use olive oil in the soap.  Might try baby oil this time.  Naaah.  Coconut oil is best.  Castor oil good for skin.  How many of you remember that from childhood?  The internal ingestion was, shall we say, explosive?  Really hated OJ for years after that.

Remembered to get my paper supplies today. grocery listThey were on my list.  I know, because I looked at it when I got home.  Then after a long rest, went to K-Mart for computer supplies.  And liners for crock pot.  And wouldn’t you know they were all on the top shelf?  If I could have walked they would have been on the bottom shelf.  Knees hurt, so hard to stoop down.  Easy to reach down when in the chair.  Impossible to reach top shelf when my reacher was on floor behind where my chair had been charging.  Funny how you don’t notice these things before leaving home.

Even funnier when you get to checkout and discover purse was also left at home.  They know me by name over there now.  Go home, get purse, go back, pay for purchase, start back home.  That’s when you notice chair is running on very low battery.  Pray, pray, pray even harder.  Get back to apartment building and everyone you know is sitting outside.  They all want to talk, so turn off chair.  At least enough people to push me home if chair won’t start again.

Mike Janette Noah Ah, leaving you with something pretty to look at.  My soon to be pard Mike, Noah and Janette somewhere up a creek on vacation.  I’m on a permanent vacation.  That’s what happens when you’re retired.  Like sleeping late when I want to.  Hate having insomnia that keeps me awake all night.  Much rather be out and about.



2 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Jess, I’ll be getting the products I need to make some soap tomorrow. I do it the easy way–melt and pour. I’ll be sure and post about it, because it is so much fun to do. I am also planning to do the “real” process from using lye and making it in a crock pot soon, so stay tuned. That way really should be interesting.

  2. i know what you mean about the lists for sure! LOL and i love that baby meme, yikes!!!
    i have actually wanted to try making soap…. i know nothing about such things though i will admit… please do post about this if/when you make a batch!

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