Train Wrecked Kitchen

What a day.  More food than I know what to do with, and just realized I haven’t eaten much of it.  Waffles this morning.  Watermelon off and on while working on it to turn it to syrup.  Got my weekly delivery from Cecil Farms.  What a haul.100_2361 Peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, melons.  My counter top was full.

100_2362 Taking a bath in water and peroxide.  Tonight most will be put in dehydrator.  A couple of peppers will be stuffed for lunch tomorrow.  Okra will be seasoned and baked tonight.  Served with summer sausage, pickles and sliced tomato.  Or maybe grape tomatoes.  But they make such nice, sweet treats during the day.

100_2359100_2360 Watermelons now in crock pot turning into watermelon syrup.  Will be ready for waffles for breakfast.  Hoping to get enough white part of rind for pickles.  I’m loving watermelon pickles.  It’s a pain to trim the green and pink parts off, but the results are worth all the trouble.

100_2357 The blueberries I dropped as I was putting them in the fridge.  Think I got them all picked up.  Tile has large black spots on it, and tried to pick a lot of them up.  Well, they LOOKED  like the blueberries.  Past time to get my glasses changed.  At least I didn’t step on any of the berries.  And the floor had just been mopped.  A ray of sunshine peeking thru the cloud there.

Back to my syrup now.  It needed a bit of sugar, so I grabbed a bag out of the cabinet.100_2363 Oops!  Caught it just in time.  Don’t think flour would have improved the taste at all.  Reached back in the cabinet and grabbed the next bag I found. 100_2364 Right one this time.  Decided I had better pour it in the sugar container.  I didn’t take a picture of the spilled sugar, because it wouldn’t show up on the light background, but had to clean up at least a cup full.  Sure don’t want ants visiting.

100_2366 So, here we are.  It was time to package the burgoo for the freezer.  Sourdough starter is out for making waffles in the morning.  Have to make the sponge tonight.  Syrup is in the crock pot.  Veggies in blue bowl after their swim.  Dishes piled in sink.  And the day is only half over.

Tonight dishes are washed, burgoo is in freezer.  It survived the drop test.  Naturally, I dropped a couple of packages on my way to the freezer.  They didn’t break open, so I can rest easy (I hope) knowing they will stay closed (I hope) in freezer.  Still have to slice the peppers and stick in dehydrator and fix my okra, but since this is just now the middle of my day, that’s okay.

I even spent a couple of hours downstairs talking to friends.  That was mostly to avoid dealing with the dishes.  Guess I was hoping someone would come in and do them for me while I was out.  Once again, it didn’t happen.  Well, I can dream, can’t I?  That darn blue bowl is screaming my name, so I have to go and do something with those peppers.  Slice, slice, slice the peppers open.  Don’t recognize the tune?  Try, Tramp, tramp tramp the boys are marching.  Oh well, you’re probably too young to remember WWII.



2 thoughts on “Train Wrecked Kitchen

  1. These are sourdough waffles, and taste so much better than the regular ones. I make a double batch so I can freeze some for when MS strikes and I can’t cook. And the watermelon syrup came about by accident, when I was testing the possibility of making jam in the crock pot. Delicious! I had heard of watermelon pickles all my life, so finally decided to make some. Goggled a recipe and tried it and now they’re my favorite.

  2. mmm watermelon pickles. i have never had them, let alone made them! i am quite intrigued! also intrigued by the watermelon syrup! and the sponge for your waffles! i have never made waffles that required a sponge before…..

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