Too Pooped To Pop

Max in entertainment center See where Max is sleeping?  Right now I think I could curl up there and sleep too.  It seems like it’s been a long day, but I really didn’t accomplish all that much.  Just ran around like a chicken with its head off.  With a headache that makes me want to take my own head off.

It all started with a phone call at 9 a.m.  Now, I personally believe that if God wanted me to be up at 9 a.m. He would wake me Himself.  But no, the phone rang.  It was the office telling me I had a package.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy getting packages.  Just not at 9 a.m.  Especially diabetic testing supplies.  I hate sticking my fingers with those little needles.  And I have enough to last me a year already, so being called at 9 a.m. to go down and get more just doesn’t thrill me.

Came home to find my waffle sponge almost running over top of bowl.  Big sigh.  Had to make the waffles before I even wanted breakfast.  Finished making the batter, plugged in the waffle maker, started making waffles.  Two hours later they were finished.  Think most of them will go in freezer.  I’m getting in an oatmeal mood.

Not in use Found this picture of an amusing sign.  I love signs.  Some are just so crazy.  Makes me wonder what idiot commissioned it in the first place.  Well, Here’s your sign!  I know a lot of people who should wear warning signs.  I’m one of them, but not sure what to warn about.  So many possibilities.

Another doggy I kinda feel like this today.  Just want to settle someplace and look sad, but too much still to do.  Wish the headache would go away.  Shouldn’t have gone outside yesterday.  Sinuses.  That says it all.  Especially in this region.  All the allergens in the country come here to roost in the Ohio River Valley.  Love it here though.  Wouldn’t move away for anything.

alarm system Thought I’d give the cats some space here.  I like this one.  Especially the “alarm system”.  We had German Shepherds on the farm.  Loveable animals.  Just big babies, but made us all feel safe.  Always wondered if they would really guard the place.  Got my answer when I came home from town one day.  The man delivering gas for the farm equipment was on top of his truck, while the three dogs circled it.  They knew him, because he made regular deliveries, but we weren’t there, so the guard dog instinct kicked in.  Charlie was happy to see us come home.  The dogs were too.  They lost interest in him and came running over to play with the kids.  Got my big laugh for the day.  Don’t think Charlie ever came back.

Well, lots more to do before I sleep.  More veggies to dehydrate.  I’ll love that this winter.  Actually loving it now.  And a casserole to make tonight.  Think I’ll just throw some of everything in the dish with lots of spices and stick it in the oven.  Cheese and breadcrumbs on top, of course.  Last night’s okra was great.  Never thought I would be saying that, but it really was.  No slime.