Nothin’ Happenin’

Ever had one of THOSE days?  You just go along all day waiting for something to happen.  Suddenly it’s almost over and nothing has happened.  Today was one of those.  Looked like rain.  No rain.  Had things to do in the kitchen.  Didn’t do ’em.  Felt like napping.  Couldn’t sleep.  Package in the office.  Left it there.  Just sat and read a chapter of a book.  Didn’t even work on my own.

Cooking Need to cook.  Don’t want to.  Feel really lazy.  Don’t care.  Did one thing though.  Sliced onion with mandolin.  Made me cry.  Hate slicing onions.  Used some in omelet, dehydrated rest.  Tried to find cheese.  Fridge needs cleaning out.  Do I care?  Not today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Who knows.  Still have a lot of produce to dehydrate.  It can wait a day or two.  Think I’ll have tomato sandwich tonight.  Doesn’t require cooking.  Just chewing.  Wonder if I could hire someone to chew for me?  Nah, doesn’t sound too good that way.

Don't exercise I like this.  Don’t really like coffee, but love juice, so the exercise would make that spill.  Anyway, most of my exercise involves getting up from the floor.  Not easy to do most days.  While I’m down there I look for things to do.  Stuff that fell on floor and has to be picked up.  Of course, with my hands full, then I can’t pick myself up, so have to put stuff back on floor.  Never said I was a genius though.

a_Bristle_Thistle_Flower Think I’ll lighten the mood with my bristle thistle.  I love saying that.  Bristle thistle.  Can say it in my head three times, but get tongue-tied if I try to say it out loud.  Go ahead — try it.  I dare you.  Bristle thistle, bristle thistle, bristle thistle.  Don’t cheat now.  Say it out loud.

Speaking of tongue twisters.  Were we speaking of tongue twisters?  Guess so, since I just created one.  Remember “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers”?  Ever wonder how those peppers got pickled on the vine?  Just one of my random thoughts today while I was doin’ nothin’. 100_2371 My peck of peppers fit into a quart zipper bag.  After dehydration, that is.  Before dehydration they took up two gallon sized zipper bags.  Love that dehydrator.  Have a feeling I’ll be using it for a lot of things.  I’m already planning on the veggies in the fridge.  Easy for soup this winter.  Also thinking it will be easy when next MS relapse happens.  Mostly hoping it will make MS relapse not happen.

Have all the emergency supplies needed to last two weeks, if necessary.  So, this year, no emergency.  No floods, no ice storm, no snow.  Just really weird weather.

Remembered why I got the cream.  Dark chocolate cherry ice cream in my future.  Two, no wait, three of my favorites all in one.  Chocolate, cherries, ice cream.  All the ice I need downstairs in the kitchen.  All the salt I need in pantry.  Lots of chocolate on hand.  Cherries in freezer.  And now have the cream.  Heaven waiting around the corner.  And my thanks to Jess for the recipe.  She knows who she is.