Lost, Found, Lost Again

And then forgot what I lost in the first place.

I remember now.  Lost my charger for camera battery.  Wanted to take a pic of my veggies taking a swim in the sink.  Camera wouldn’t work.  Little thingy on-screen blinking.  Looked like a battery, so started looking for charger.  Remembered seeing it somewhere.  Couldn’t remember where.  Had to be somewhere near computer, since everything is by the computer unless it’s in the kitchen.  And why would the charger be in the kitchen?  Forgot for a minute I was talking about myself.

Anyway, in bedroom, looking for charger, I found a lot of things I forgot I had.  Notebooks, more mystery cables, CD’s, photos, two packages of new socks, plaque I got for poet of the century — that’s 20th century, basket with more lost screws, everything but the battery charger.

100_2362 Just so you won’t feel robbed, these are the veggies that got a bath last week.  Today they were mostly green.  Except for the squash.  And the eggplant.

Started feeling hungry then.  And remembered I forgot to eat breakfast.  A glance at the clock showed me it was after 1 p.m.  I had spent 4 hours looking for the charger.  But had forgotten what I was looking for during that time.  Went back to the kitchen and got a dish to oven fry green tomato and fish.  Glanced up at shelf above the dish, and there was the charger.  I KNEW I had seen it somewhere.  But my veggies were already out of the bath, sliced, steamed and in the dehydrator.  Too late for that picture.

At least I had a great lunch.  Just ate too much, so probably won’t want dinner tonight.  Raw veggie snacks maybe.  And by oven frying, no grease and no visit from the fire department.  I really admire those guys, but it’s just kinda not right for them to have to come every time I set off my alarm.  Just bringing water to a boil sets off that alarm.  What would happen if someone’s house burned down while they were here because I’m boiling water?

free time This is me right now.  I can’t believe I’m writing this post this early.  Maybe because it’s Sunday.  It usually takes me half the day to just read the paper.  I think I read it.  Don’t know for sure.

Intended to go to the grocery today.  Couldn’t remember what I needed, so I didn’t go.  If I can’t remember needing it, I must not need it all that much.  Doesn’t do me much good to write a list.  I forget the list.  So that’s wasted time.  But so is wandering up and down grocery aisles.  I’ll remember one day when I need it and it’s raining outside.  That’s okay.  I can change plans easily.

Melting face This picture makes me smile.  ‘Specially since my calendar says it the last day of the “Dog Days” of summer.  Maybe so, but it’s hot Don!  I live on the 16th floor, and I’m not sure the a/c is working up here.  Or maybe it’s because I had the oven on.  Hadn’t thought about that.  I was wearing one of my dad’s flannel shirts when I turned the oven on, but I just took it off.

Oh, yeah, the part about lost again?  My battery is charged, and charger put away “where I won’t lose it”.  Except, I don’t remember where I put it.  Lost again.