A Very Strange Day

Everything has been so quiet here.  No phone calls, no email.  Just tried to call my mom and the phone said “Emergency calls only”.  Saw on FaceBook that others with AT&T are having the same problem.  Can’t even call Customer Care to complain.  Nice way to treat a life long customer.

On the bright side, I went to the grocery this morning.  Drove my broken down power chair.  My problem with the chair is that the seat swivels all the time.  There’s supposed to be a way to keep it straight, but that part is broken.  So…I get in the grocery.  Get to a bin of watermelons.  Wheels of chair hook onto bin, seat swivels to the left.  Next thing I know I’m pulling the bin down an aisle, trying to get unhooked, get seat straightened.  People ask if they can help.  They obviously realize I don’t want the entire bin of watermelons.  But the only way to get loose is to get the chair straightened out.  Took me half an hour, but finally got the bin released, seat straight.

One item down.  Next on to meat display.  Chicken breast on sale, so I debated whether to get a five pound bag or just a small package.  Chair got hung again, while seat spun wildly to the right.  Or maybe the left.  Some days I don’t know the difference.  Finally decided on small package.  No sense getting freezer burn on large package.

Remembered then what I really wanted–sweetened condensed milk.  Got to the correct aisle, found the can of milk, then saw some butterscotch drops — the kind you melt for fudge, sorta like chocolate.  Okay, not on the list, but the list was by my chair at home anyway.  Picked up a quart box of skim milk too.  The kind that doesn’t have to be refrigerated.  Comes in handy at times.

Forgot about the cheese.  Second week in a row.  Maybe I’ll remember it next week.  Had to have my omelet without cheese again.  But it was stuffed with great veggies though.

100_2361  Some of my great veggies.  Another delivery tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see what’s in the box.  It’s like a gift each week.

farmers This is so true.  I was married to a farmer for 30 years.  We got up so early each morning, and most nights I was too tired to wait up for him to come in from the field.  Didn’t know at the time I had MS, so didn’t know that was what was making me so tired.  Now we know.

Just discovered the icing on the cake for the day.  Apparently my computer was hacked.  Don’t know for sure.  A lot of people got emails from me saying I was stranded in Wales and needed money to get home.  Have virus protection, but must not be working right.  But if anybody got the email and want to send me money, send it to my home address :-).  All donations are welcome LOL.

give a dog After all that happened, I just thought I would end with this picture.  Love that big smiley toy.  And the teeth!  COOL!!



9 thoughts on “A Very Strange Day

  1. You mean you would have left me stranded in Wales? Just like my magnet said. “men are only good for one thing, but how many times do you have to parrallel park?”

    • Sure, more lyrics… and Wales isn’t a bad place to be… how about a lyric along the lines of, boy meets girl, she’s sweet and kind, then turns cold and a know it all, you know, real life stuff : )

  2. Seriously?…. and what’s the dog doing with your teeth?? ..hey, unlike Jess, I was laughing AT you!! : ) actually, I laughed at the image of you going down the street on that hot rod… with about 10 cars behind.. anyway, I’m not sure you’ll get this, but if you do, let me know, ok?

  3. oh my gosh you had be laughing at the watermelon bin part (with you, not at you of course)! i always looks forward to your posts they always make me smile! thank you 😀

    • I was using some more colorful language at the moment, but started laughing later on the way home when the watermelon between my feet almost fell off the footrest. At least the meat counter was stable and couldn’t be moved.

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