Finally Fixed

After last night, spent fixing my computer, I started wondering if it wouldn’t be better to turn the clock back to the mid 20th century.  No computers to be hacked back then.  Headaches back then were caused by sinuses and MS, not to mention the stress and migraines.  But changing all the settings on a computer?  I’m not exactly a geeky computer nerd.  I leave that to my brothers and nephews and grandkids.  Naturally, none of them were here last night though.  So I got back online about 1:30 a.m.  I’m pretty sure God was taking a nap by that time.

families like fudge Larry riding camel  This is Larry on the camel.  He’s one of the sweet, nutty computer geek nerds, with a great sense of humor.  He has talked me thru fixing this beast (computer, not camel) several times by phone, but I didn’t call him last night.  Since he lives in Georgia, and is a time zone faster than I am, I was sweet enough to let him sleep while I sweated out trying to follow some anonymous tech’s instructions.  I was supposed to click on a “cog” symbol.  There are two of them.  Then I was supposed to click on something called “POP”.  It didn’t show up,  Soooooo, I had to go back and start over.  Click on the other cog.  Then the POP came up.  Was almost ready to throw the computer out the window.  I’m pretty sure that’s why they call it “Windows”.  When you try to fix it at home that’s where you want to throw it.

Then tried to send email out to people telling them I’m not stranded in Wales.  By the time I finally got the email to go thru I was ready to go to Wales and just get lost somewhere.  Hide out in a coal mine or something.  By the time I got all that done I was too worked up to sleep, so I have now officially been awake, sorta, since 10:00 a.m. Monday?  Yeah, my computer tells me this is Tuesday, so yesterday had to be Monday.  Guess that means tomorrow is Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll sleep all day and tomorrow won’t happen.

Support our farmers  Got my weekly delivery of produce today.  Mostly peaches and nectarines.  Mmmmm, delish.  Some apples, and melons, but the peaches are what rocks my world today.  Can’t decide if I want to make preserves, syrup, or just dig in and eat ’em and let the juice run down my chin.  Might do all of the above.  They are soooo good.  Next to cherries, my favorite.  There might be a peach cobbler in my immediate future.

free time  This is my latest photo.  And the way I’ve felt all day.  Too sleepy to really do anything, and can’t find anything anyway.  Looked for my battery charger for a while, but I really put it away in a good place this time.  Just hope I can find it before I need it again.  The battery is older than dirt, so it doesn’t hold the charge very long any more.  Probably should just invest in a new one.  Been using the same one since 1999.  I’m sure it’s as tired as I am by now.

Think I’ll turn in early tonight.  Or not.  Have a few games of Sol to play.  Too frustrated last night.  Bet that’s why I couldn’t sleep.  Didn’t get my Solitaire fix first.