Sneezin’ and Wheezin’

allergies  It seems to be allergy season in the Greater Ohio Valley again.  But then again, it’s always allergy season here.  Just some days are worse than others.  This is one of those days.  Think I’ll just find a small bucket to hang under my nose.  Let it drip then.  Have to stay at home all day, but who feels like goin’ out anyway?

Ate some of the best fresh local peaches all day.  Guess there won’t be a peach cobbler after all.  Won’t be enough left when I’m finished.  Still have nectarines and melons to go, but they won’t last long either.  Love that fresh fruit.  Love those fresh veggies too.  Probably should freeze some for later.  Save me from myself.  After I eat a few more.

high blood pressureI have an appointment some day this month.  Didn’t write it on calendar.  Still had the card, but lost it somewhere.  Battery charger still lost too.  Think a few more brain cells have followed.  But found more lost screws.  Just don’t know how to put them back.  I know, I’ll call Mikey.  Except he would love the chance to tease me some more.

Also found an old guitar capo.  One I didn’t use much.  Liked the other one better.  Don has the guitar now.  Thought he was going to take lessons and play it, but he gave up after his fingers started to hurt.  Kidz.  Have to build up the calluses on the fingers.  Doesn’t hurt then.  He’s just keepin’ it as a family heirloom.  Hope he loosened the strings so it doesn’t warp.  1978 Martin D28.  Great guitar.  Wish I could still play it.  Stupid of me to let shoulder get so bad before surgery.

Could beLike this.  So true.  Not just for me, but a lot of people I know.  Won’t name names though.  Wouldn’t be nice.  Hummmm.  Maybe I don’t need the medications.  Just the rest of the world.  See, I’m nice.

Haven’t been taking photos lately.  Mostly stayin’ inside.  Kinda hard to talk with — well, won’t be that graphic.  Just sinuses dripping, everything congested.  You get the picture.  Need chicken soup.  Just don’t want chicken soup.  So, made my aunt’s chicken and rice casserole.  Always loved that.  Really tastes good.  Wonder how it would taste with fish substituted for chicken.  Hummmmm.  Might try that sometime.

Daviess Co. KY Found this picture of Daviess Co, KY somewhere.  I live here.  I’m not a cop.  Not even sure which side of the county it is, but the whole county is beautiful — mostly.  Floods a lot when we have wet springs.  Great farmland.  Oh, yeah — pronounced like Davis.  Not sure where the spelling came from, some Revolutionary war hero I think.  We have two incorporated cities.  Owensboro, where I live, and Whitesville, where I don’t live.  Used to go to church there though.  Small town, nice.  O’boro is a small town also, with aspirations of being big.  Rush hour lasts about 15 minutes, unless you hit the traffic lights wrong.  Then it could take 20 to 25 minutes.  Is aspiration the right word?  I could look it up in the dictionary, but that would involve my aching head.  Just go with that word.

Kitty with cold My latest self-portrait.  Looks almost like a good idea.  Sleeping in recliner though, with head raised high so I can breathe.  No reclining.  My bed raises too, but have tendency to topple sideways in it, so that defeats purpose.  Nite, nite.



7 thoughts on “Sneezin’ and Wheezin’

  1. I’ve lost most of my screws, but they were mostly in my head. The only real pain I notice is also in my head. My diet is usually whatever I can stand up long enough to cook, but I cook in bulk (used to feed a lot of farm hands) then freeeze left overs for later warming up. I try to remember to exercise my arms, but don’t always remember to do that. Really should take advantage of my Y membership for daily workouts, but I’m a wuss there. Not exactly out of shape and usually not all that grumpy unless I’m fighting with the computer or a kitchen appliance. 🙂

  2. I’m able to do 2 pound weights. And my son is taking care of the guitar, because it really is a family heirloom and he respects that. My problem with the rotator cuff is that I kept thinking if I did the therapy it would go away. Just kept getting worse. Doc said it was the worst one he had ever seen. It was torn in two places and he had to pull some tendons and muscles from other locations near the shoulder to repair it. I got more use back than he said I would, but it still hurts like hell when I use my right arm too much. Naturally, I’m right handed. What I really want to do is get strength back in my legs so I can pitch the power chair out. Then I can walk to the grocery. Might still get things hung on the cart, but at least wouldn’t be dragging them down the aisle with people giggling at me. Well, they would still be giggling, I guess. Last time I was able to walk there my pants were too big and kept inching down, and a couple of women behind me were giggling about how I was losing my pants. Always happy to see people laugh. There are a few people I might be able to dead lift if I got the notion. Would depend on the mood I’m in at the time.

    • I had much the same operation on my right shoulder.. it has been refashioned and it hurt a lot in the beginning. I have a screw in it to keep things in place. It’s a process… I don’t mind pain if I know it’s getting me to a better place. I eat an exacting diet too. Lot’s of protein and complex carbs along with amino acid supplements. Everything is weighed out etc.. It helps to have a trainer too. If I don’t want to workout, I do anyway, having a schedule and someone there waiting on me keeps me in line. I don’t want to be like my dad, out of shape and grumpy : )

  3. Here’s one that just sold for 1800.00 with a few dings, scratches and a repair/minor…. mint condition would go for over 2 grand…. you might want to make sure he’s taking care of it.

    • I asked him if he’s playing it or at least storing it properly, and the strings are lossened and he is keeping it in the hard shell case, so I hope he’s taking care of it. There are times I want to ask him to bring it back, but I don’t want to sell it. I haven’t seen it since I moved here 11 years ago, so I don’t know what condition it’s in right now. Just keep hoping he takes as good care of it as I didl Wish I could still play it. Damn shoulder. Should have had enough sense to know it wouldn’t go away by itself. Just too busy to get it fixed at the time.

      • The mother of a woman I was dating gave me a Mandolin… it need to be restored, but I wanted to do that and then take it back to her… I left it with my brother in Florida, for safe keeping, until I made plans to have it shipped to me… he sold it at a yard sale for 6.00…. I intend on choking the life out of him when I get back : ) point being…. as long as your son knows it’s worth, then you’re probably OK. My brother has smoked pot everyday for 30 years plus… and that’s fine, but he has his moments. I have rotator cuff (sp?) issues in both my shoulders… I’m on a weight lifting program… they’re getting much stronger and I can dead lift well over 200 pounds in sets with no problems…. you can rehab your shoulders, A.. light weights and or stretch bands to start… then when your cart gets to dragging the melons down the store isle, you can just pick up the cart and re-position : )

  4. Really, you have a Martin D28 and it’s just sitting around collecting dust? Not being played… what a shame. It’s a collectible. Depending on the shape it’s in, should go for 1500.00 and up…

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