Can Ya’ Believe It

Think I’ve run out of things to say.  Brain is blank.  Nothin’ new there.  Have a headache.  Nothin’ new there.  Ate more peaches.  Nothin’ new there.  Oh, oh, oh, took some pics today.100_2372 Growin’ celery leaves.  That’s new.  A new experiment.  Going to get more celery and grow more leaves.  Not too crazy about the stalks, but love the leaves.  Stalks have those big strings in them.  Leaves have nice flavor.  Can be used in soup, omelets, dressings, just about anything that calls for celery.  Gives the flavor without the strings.  A little bit hard to dip in peanut butter, but there are other things to dip in peanut butter.  With a few more of these end pieces growing like this I’ll never have to buy celery again.

100_2373 Aloe plant is thriving too.  Train wreck background, but have been trying to clear off shelves.  Will find place for everything eventually.  Have some books of photos Sylvia took during trips to Ireland, and road trips in Colorado stacked there.  Love lookin’ and dreamin’ at the photos.

100_2374100_2375 Some of my syrups and relishes have found their way to those shelves.  Most marked with contents.  Some will be a surprise when opened.  Just don’t want to open syrup to go with beans, or relish to go with waffle.  Don’t like surprises like that.  Might put beans in crock pot tonight, soup tomorrow.  With Mexican cornbread and relish.  Haven’t had that for a long time.

Writer’s club meeting Saturday.  Can’t decide what to take to share with group.  Maybe come up with a short story tomorrow.  Or maybe use one already written.  Depends on mood I’m in.  Still have to write my 1000 words on book today.  Spent most of day tryin’ to breathe.  And sneeze.  Love to sneeze.  Feels good.  Silly, huh?

Makers 46 This makes really good medicine.  Might not make it go away, but after a couple belts, who cares? Makers Mark Not real sure at this point, but think it’s made in Kentucky.  Could be Tennessee.  I prefer Jim Beam anyway, and I know where that’s made.  Been there.  And Very Old Barton’s.  Worked there as temp once.  Learned to hate telephones there.  Would go home at night and if phone rang, threw plate against wall.  Kids learned fast to grab phone on first jingle.

making lasagna Yeah, definitely bean soup for tomorrow.  Too tired to remove the cat.



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    • Cut the knarly end part off the celery bunch, put it in a bowl with a little water, about half way up the celery part, stick it in a warm spot where it will get light (like my western exposure window) and wait a few days for the leaves to appear. It will take a few weeks befoe they are large enouth to start harfestingk but according to what I read, should keep producing all winter. I’m going to get a cople more heads of celery to stidk in there to make sure I get enough to last for a while. I hate going out in the winter just for a stalk of celery. The leaves are the best part, in mh opinion.

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