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Had a Writer’s Club meeting today.  Got kinda boring, so I got sick.  Prearranged signal with friend who drove me.  Had already checked out books I wanted.  Turned out they weren’t books I wanted after all.   Never know til you try.

Came home and made fudge. 100_2376 Tastes about the same as it looks.  Overcooked.  Could break a tooth on it.  But cut in small pieces it can melt in mouth.  Then all you taste is the chocolate.  I can live with that.  Guess I’ll have to make fudge more often to remember how it’s done.  Trying butterscotch next.  Then peanut butter.

Celery end putting out more leaves.  Can’t wait til I can harvest some. 100_2372 Old picture.  Forgot to take new one.  Looks gnarly except for green leaves.  Think I’ll plant potatoes too.  Not in bowl though.  Have a huge bucket for them.  Just have to let one start growing roots.  Have onion growing roots.  Maybe should plant that.  Picked it up this morning and finger stuck thru it.  Yecky.  Had planned on drying it, but not after that.  Now have to dig it out of garbage and save til I get soil to plant it in.  That means another trip in broken down chair.  Oh, goody.  Wonder what I can destroy this time.

Wrote a story just for meeting this morning.  Never got to read it.  They spent an hour talking about dues, new rules, lots of boring stuff.  Everything but writing.  That’s when I got “sick” and my friend told them I was recovering from concussion.  Explained I have MS and wouldn’t be there every month, so don’t want to pay yearly dues for that reason.  Told me I could be “table monitor”.  No thanks.  Building monitor here once.  That was enough for this lifetime and maybe the next two.  Could be fun to rap a few knuckles with a ruler though.

Caturday Just realized it’s Saturday.  So found this cute kitten.  See, I like cats too.  ‘Specially Wildcats that wear blue.  Reminds me of trying to find fabric for my daughter’s wedding.  She wanted her bridesmaids to wear KY blue.  Can find it anyplace now.  At least that’s what Don said.  I didn’t ask how he knew.  Afraid to.  But back then we went all over the state lookin’ for it.  Don’t remember where we found it.  Had four surgeries in five months that year.  And she got married the sixth month.  Cheee!  The way she acted you would think I had them on purpose.

Anyway, I had a cat once.  Now it’s my grandcat.  She crouched outside the bathroom door.  When I came out she sprang at me.  Tripped me every time.  And I was even expecting it.  I finally called Gina and asked if she wanted another cat.  Knew the kids wanted her.  They took her — reluctantly.  Already had two others.  Four years and they still don’t get along together.  Took longer than that for the kids to get along with each other though.

Doberman We had a short dog once.  Mom was German Shepherd.  Dad was Basset Hound that wandered in one day.  She had 13 pups.  Six looked like German Shepherds.  Six like Bassett.  One had G.S. head, Basset body, one G.S. ear, one B. ear, Basset legs, G.S. tail.  G.S. coloring.  We kept him.  Gina named him Loki.  Said it was Eskimo for Prince of Mischief.  Scared a lot of people.  Thought he was lying down, but then saw he was moving.  Hard to figure that one out.  Loved that little guy though.  Can’t remember what happened to him either.  On a farm it’s hard to keep track.



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