Train Wrecked Sunday

I’ve decided it would be better for me to stay out of the kitchen.  And the bedroom.  And the living room.  That leaves the bathroom.  I’ve fallen in there, but that room’s necessary.

100_2378 This is my oven glove.  Repaired with duct tape.  Don’t ask, cause I don’t know.  Just got it three weeks ago and already has a hole in it.  I should but stock in the company that makes duct tape.  Use it for everything.  Only problem — it leaves sticky gunk behind on things if I take it off.

100_2385 That’s what fell off shelves when I backed power chair in them.  Put part of stuff on chair seat.  Then just sat down and contemplated my navel.  Think I’ll have to empty all shelves and re-stock them.  Looked good when first built them.  Everything had a place and I could find it all.  Now have to shift stuff around and still can’t find it.  Soooo, just get it all back in order and stay out of there.  Wonder if I can get meals on wheels?:  Probably get run over by the wheels.

Won’t show what my foot looks like.  Ran over it with chair.  That takes special talent.  Don’t feel it.  Feet are dead, but when I look at it every night it looks really yucky.  Probably lose toenail.  Makes me want to say “ouch”, but it doesn’t hurt.  Just looks like it should.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.  Well, part of tomorrow.  Have to go to grocery first.  That’s always an adventure.  Kinda fun to see what I can hook my chair on each time.  Don’t need watermelon this time, so won’t be pulling that bin down aisle.  Maybe the onions.  Or the mangos.  They’re on sale this week.  And avocados.  Always find them in a bin.  This could be fun.

Falcon nesting Always wondered if I could do this.  Bet I could if I still drove.  Power chair doesn’t go fast enough to gain the momentum needed to make a leap like this.  Used to love to drag race.  Something about that rush when you beat the guys.  They hated it when a mere girl beat them.  Loved the strip mines for that.

Well, back to the kitchen.  Burned my hand when I got fish out of oven.  Went right thru the duct tape.  Have to put a few more layers on it.  Or get more oven gloves.  At least burns don’t hurt long.  One good thing (?) about MS.  Bad thing though is constant headache.

Well, have to go see what else I can destroy tonight.  Have knocked down set of shelves in living room, fallen and knocked stuff off shelves in kitchen, in addition to what the chair knocked off when I backed into them.  Took out an entire fence row once when trying to back car down driveway.  Guess I should just admit I can’t back anything up.  Never could parallel park either. But yes I can that says it all.



3 thoughts on “Train Wrecked Sunday

  1. ugh! i’m sorry for your injuries! i am quite clumsy myself… it is a curse lol. at least you have good humor about it all and use it as a tool to amuse those around you through these posts! (again, laughing with you not at you! …. you’re laughing, right?)

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