Monday Morning Shopping Trip

It’s Monday again, and that means I went to the grocery again.  They must have known I was coming.  Watermelon bin was outside the building.  Probably should have hooked it up and dragged it home, but only so many I can eat in a week.  Wonder how far I could have gone with them?  Shucky dern, missed my chance to find out.

Remembered my list this time.  Forgot to look at it.  Should take camera with me.  Nothing hooked on chair, but when seat spun in one direction, chair ran into display.  Cans of something rolled everywhere.  Discovered chair could move fast when properly motivated.  Almost got out and pushed for a minute.

100_2372 Remember this?  Those tiny leaves? 100_2387 They’ve grown.  And were joined by a friend today.  Hopefully will have more leaves on friend soon.  Can’t wait til harvest time on first leaves.  Love to cook with them.

Got call from Irene. My cleaning lady.  Coming tomorrow.  Hope she doesn’t throw up her hands and walk out when she sees mess in kitchen.  Was really careful when backed chair up this morning.  Just ran over the soap base for my melt and pour soap.  Doesn’t look too bad.  Carton still sealed, but a little smashed looking.  Better make the soap tomorrow and get it out of way.  Maybe use patchouli and rosemary oils for scent.  Could go back to store for different scent, but they may have picture posted somewhere.  Maybe better not push luck.

Finally found battery charger.  Don’t remember where, but found it.  Means maybe will find it again some day.  Lost AA batteries though.  Can opener needs those.  Have more than 2 dozen somewhere.  Found AAA, but won’t work.  Should have been in same place.  Don’t have that much luck.

LaughterI do that sometimes.  Used to wonder why.  Scared people.  Then found out it’s symptom of MS.  Whoda thunk it.  Fun to do though, til you laugh til you cry.  That almost makes it funnier so you laugh even more.  People look so funny when that happens.  Try to give you things to drink.  Squirts out nose if you drink it.  Laugh even more then.  Love when that happens.  And always in public.  More fun than sneezing.

ironyGot my ironing board out one day.  Couldn’t find iron.  Know it’s here someplace.  Lots of things here.  Just put away where I won’t forget them.  Instant forget strategy.  Should just pile everything in middle of room and build fence around it.  Prob’ly trip over fence.  Or drive chair over it.  Ever mention I’m a bad driver?

Had to take my driving test two times.  First time he told me back out and get in middle lane to turn left.  Didn’t say anything about looking first.  I was nervous, what did he expect?  Second time had different person.  Think the first one retired the day after my first test.  Second test went better.  Had to back up, and parallel park, but at least passed.  Already had my first accident while taking lessons, so that part was out of the way.

Well, dinner’s in crock pot, and have to go back to store tomorrow.  Really need cheese.  Keep putting it on list.  Keep forgetting to look at list.  Forgot bacon too.  Feel arteries clogging already, but need bacon.  Hard to eat BLT without the B.  Can live without L, but have to have the B.




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  1. i LOVE to laugh uncontrollably and you’re right, the mere fact that you’re doing so makes it even funnier (and thus more difficult to stop). it’s one of my favortie things. 🙂
    your celery leaves look wonderful!

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