Train Wreck Cleanup

Remember the mess I made when I fell against the shelves a couple days ago?  Well, today my cleaning lady was here.  And this, 100_2391 is the beginning of the cleanup area.  More to go, but at least it’s a start.  Now just have to go on another scavenger hunt for more missing items.  Reminds me — found my battery charger again.  On top of the microwave.  Can’t for life of me figure out why I thought that was good place to put it.  Left it there though.  Looked at home there.

Got another delivery from the farm today.  Four ears of beautiful corn.  Two tonight, two tomorrow night.  Watermelon, squash, green beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes in lots of colors, red and green sweet peppers.  Green beans are ready for crock pot tomorrow, along with potatoes, onions, garlic.  Corn on side.  Mostly leftovers tonight, but at least they are good.  Called Hillbilly Skillet.  Except made it in crockpot, so guess it’s now Hillbilly crockpot.  Tastes good.  Recipe on Facebook.  Had to make one substitution though.  Calls for can of corn.  Didn’t have corn, so put in some squash.  Not bad.

100_2388 This is today’s haul, taking bath in peroxide water.  Found some little apples downstairs too, so they are also in bath.  Will make apple juice or something out of them.

100_2389 Mushrooms I got at grocery yesterday.  Didn’t need that many, but they were on sale.  Don’t find mushrooms on sale very often, so got two pounds.  Used what needed last night for dinner, then put rest in dehydrater today. 100_2392 Four trays of dehydrated mushrooms.  Think they will need another hour or so, but looking good.  Now won’t worry if recipe calls for shrooms.  Just soak in hot water for a while.  Can get things on sale now even if don’t need them at moment.  Just dry and store for later.

100_2390 Carrots and celery for dehydrating tomorrow.  Love my dehydrator.

Have doctor appointment tomorrow.  Should charge him for time spent in waiting room.high blood pressureMaxine always says it best.  Think I’d rather stay home and clean more shelves.  Have lots of room under counter.  Could put lots of things in there that aren’t used much.  Save a lot of dignity used when I knock things off on my head.  Just have to make sure posterior is firmly in place on stool this time.  Hard to explain the pain in the butt.

Planned to go to K-Mart tomorrow.  No particular reason.  Just to get out.  Still sneezin’ from yesterday, but sneezin’s fun.  Drippy nose, not so much.  Have to stay home though, before and after trip to doc, and do more cleanup.  Don’t know if I could live in a place that doesn’t look like a train wreck happened there.  Or tornado came thru during night.

Still sawing pieces off the fudge.  Severely overcooked, but tastes so good.  Just like chocolate.  Supposed to be just like chocolate, so that’s good.  Can’t share though.  Hate to be the one responsible for someone breaking a tooth.

Crazy woman Just my way to say good night.  Never said I wasn’t crazy.  Well, said it once, but kids told me to stop dreaming, cause I snored too loud.