A Very Strange Week

Been fighting with my computer again.  It doesn’t like WordPress.  Won’t let me send things out.  Might send this, might not.  Keep trying to send comments to friend Jess on her blog.  Shuts down computer.  Guess I’ll have to have another go round with Windows people.

On the other hand, has been okay week.  Went to doc on Tuesday.  Had to weigh in.  Not as bad as thought it would be.  Blood pressure not too high either.  Surprised at that, cause was really upset about holdup on new power chair.  Doc said he doesn’t get involved in that kind of stuff.  Asked him what exactly he does get involved in.  Then we discussed new hospital.  Found out they now accept my insurance again, but haven’t notified me about it.  Told me all the administrators had gotten out of Dodge, so no one running place now.  Doctors won’t go there, so patients are kinda on their own if they are there.  Told him I won’t go there either.  Said that was good decision on my part.

Had to wait long time in his waiting room for GRITS to pick me up for trip home.  Not sure what that stands for.  Green River ? Transportation System.  I think.  Was in my chair.  Almost scored new chairs for my living room.  And some kids toys.  Sorta got hung on power chair.  Almost got a nice side table too, but managed to turn before knocked it over.  Got chairs free before got to door.  Too bad.  Don’t have room for them, but nice chairs.  Can’t remember how comfortable, but not for me to sit in anyway.

at my agw Kinda like this.  Really says it all.  ‘Specially for me.  Roll out every morning, look for anything I can pick up while down there, then squirm to dresser to look for clean clothes.  Guess it’s almost time to do laundry again.  Getting hard to find anything clean.  Have a lot of stained things need to soak first.  Could do that tonight.  Or could wait.  Prob’ly will wait.  Still have enough for couple more days.

Started to cook something for dinner.  Then decided easier to get burgoo out of freezer.  But wait!  If get it out in next 10 minutes can get out 2 for same price. Just pay extra shipping and handling.  Oh, sorry.  Heard that 173 times on TV today.  Anyway, have burgoo for tonight, and more for tomorrow.  Then have to cook Sunday.  This is Friday, isn’t it?  Couldn’t find pen to mark days off calendar, so flying blind right now.

100_2360 Have this going again.  Watermelon in crock pot turning into syrup, or jam, or something.  Rind in ‘fridge waiting to be turned into pickles tomorrow.  I’m so in love with those pickles.  May have to ask friends to save rinds for me.  Love melons, but can only eat so many in a season.  Can eat pickles all year.  Well, can freeze the melon for smoothies.  Almost forgot ’bout that.

Didn’t take picture of it, but made some butter today.  Had some heavy cream left over from recipe, so didn’t want to waste it.  Put it in baggie, zip locked it, and just shook it in hands while watching TV for a while.   Got about half cup butter, and cup buttermilk, maybe less.  Buttermilk biscuits and fried chicken Sunday.  Maybe fresh green beans and corn too.  Depends how I feel Sunday.

Also have batch of summer sausage going.  Really need to go mix it up again.  Freezes hands, but rubber gloves help a little bit.  Wish wool gloves would work.

Friday blessings  Friday sentiments.



2 thoughts on “A Very Strange Week

  1. i’m sorry trying to comment on my posts is shutting your computer down! this makes me sad as i would love to hear what you have to say! still gotta try these “watermelon rind pickles” you speak of!
    also- i have never made butter from heavy cream! what a good idea for cream you’re not going to use don’t know why i’ve never done this……
    glad your dr. appt went well. have a good weekend 🙂

    • I’m trying to fix the problem. My stupid computer is driving me nuts, and it’s going to be a short trip. Just trying to post my blogs shuts it down too. Guess I’ll have to have another long talk with Microsoft, or maybe just reset the computer to a later time. Big bore and big sigh. At least I can still read your posts, and love all of them. And after doc visit found I haven’t gained any weight from eating the wonderful desserts. LOL

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