Do You Remember

Do you remember days not so very long ago.  Oops, got my John Denver goin’ again.  Spent some time outside today.  A little hot in the sun, but in the shade with the wind blowin’,  So many memories came back.

100_2408 Just a swangin’ for a while.  Wishin’ we had one that we could really push off on and fly way up like we did as kids.  Sometimes would loop over top of swing pole and come down other side.  Or get perpendicular with the ground and jump.  Prob’ly turned a lot of the good sisters hair white (if it wasn’t already), but oh, so much fun.  No thoughts at all of broken bones back then.  Never got one.  Don’t remember anybody getting one.  Just remember stern, nun voices commanding “stop that at once!”  Then having to pay the piper.  Usually no more time outside the rest of day, and dreaded letter home when day was done. Hey!  Another song title there.  Peter, Paul and Mary that time.

100_2406 Loved lying on back with family and friends watching clouds.  Always changing.  Would always find pictures in the clouds.  Haven’t stared at this one long enough, but this was such a nice day with blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies — can’t remember who sang that song, but always loved it.  Didn’t really lie on ground today.  Wouldn’t be able to get back up.  Someone prob’ly call EMT’s, and then would have to tell why was lying there.  Quick trip to mental institution.  Not a good idea.

help, I've fallen Found this picture somewhere, prob’ly Facebook.  Sure hits home with me most of time.

100_2396 Fish pond in front of building.  Nice to sit there and watch fish.  They swim close to people because they have high expectations.  Always hope for extra food.  Too bad.  Not allowed. 100_2401 Closeup of fish.  Used to have lots of colors, blue, green, really bright.  Some idiot poured bottle of Clorox in pond one night and killed them.  These are okay, but just not as pretty.

100_2398 Sign at back of pond.  Nobody lookin’ today, so I walked on rocks.  Wanted to take shoes off and walk in pond, feel fish nibble toes, but afraid Bingo game would end too soon. 100_2395 Pond not bad, but still gives me sour taste when look at it.  Money to build it was diverted from money designated to improve apartments.  Not many left here who remember that.  I do though.  Kinda illegal, but so are most decisions of present management.

100_2404 Back to pretty things.  Almost lost this tree during ice storm.  More clouds, white puffy marshmallow clouds.  Ooooo, think I want to roast some marshmallows now.  Still light enough to get to K-Mart and get some.  Nah.  Too tired.  And sinuses acting up from time outside.  Always happens.  Worth it though.  So many memories of days like this.  Just getting harder to get up when I get down.

Soon be time to harvest pine cones from church across street.  Love making ornaments from them.  All shapes and sizes.  Thinking of new ways to make new ornaments.  Can’t believe summer almost over.  Think I’m dreading winter.  Crazy summer weather.  Afraid of crazy winter weather.  Don’t want another ice storm.  Never get snow any more.  Just ice.  Hate ice.  Snow easy to maneuver.  Ice — uhuh.  Last time out in ice got down and crawled to car.  Figured if slipped wasn’t so far to fall.  Watched friends falling, but not me.  Crawled to car, but dern doors frozen shut.  Found some Windex in trunk that was liquid, so sprayed it on door.  Opened right up.

Ah, memories.  Love ’em.