Surprise Sunday

Hey, both words begin with S.

It started out as such a good day.  Then I got up.  Then fell down.  Got up again.  Fell again.  Decided to take a nap that time. help, I've fallen No, didn’t call for help.  Just took a nap.

Finally got up for real, got paper and sat down to read it.  Fifteen minutes gone.  Don’t really like national or international news.  All war and murder.  Rather read comics.  Have to check out obits to see if I’m still alive.  Aching head told me I was, but just in case….  Name wasn’t in there, so went on to the ads.  Paper takes fifteen minutes, ads take 3 hours.  Never know, could be something good on sale.  Pork butts at Kroger.  Ummm, maybe.  Have to think about it for a while.  Pulled pork barbecue not too shabby.  And pita bread on sale.  Would go together with my nice tomatoes.

Suddenly remembered apples in crock pot.  Did my version of running over to can the juice.  Got 4 pints of really sweet juice.  Should have sieved the sauce out, but too tired to think about it.  Actually, just now thought about it.

After water in canner cooled a bit poured some hydrogen peroxide in and stuffed it full of stained clothes.  Was taking last few in when heard knock on door.  Don the Mon was there with crooked smile I love on his face.  Surprised to see me up and moving.  Went into kitchen and stuffed stained shirts in canner.  Asked me if I’m cooking my clothes now.  Should have told him didn’t have anything else to eat, but wasn’t thinking fast enough.  Always get caught off guard.

DSC01962 Don and Norita (right end of photo) just got back from tour of Western part of country.  Had to detour in Idaho for fires.  Norita wanted potato in Idaho.  No potatoes in Idaho.  They all get shipped to other states.  Had to come home to eat a potato.  Verrrrry strange.  Asked him if he got the email about me getting stranded in Wales.  He did.  Asked why he didn’t send money.  Laughed at me.  Not with me.  AT me.  Always said going to be cremated and have ashes put in three urns and each kid had to put urn on dining table so I could have dinner with them each night.  Changed my mind today.  They ALL go in one urn and Don gets them all.  To think, he would leave his poor old mom stranded in Wales.  And then laugh at her.  He was almost my favorite older son.  Come to think of it, he’s my only older son.  Middle kid.  That’s the problem.

at my agw Should have put this at top of page.  Says it all, huh?  At least haven’t been on floor except to look for things dropped all day.  Except for rolling out this morning.  Dropped top to castor oil bottle.  Don’t use it for what you think.  Put it in soap.  Softens skin, but when gets on skin makes it oily until washed off.  Have soap hardening for some more bars.  Should keep me clean all year.  Should put note on package with what’s in each.  Put lavender in some.  Allergic to lavender.  Scratched like a dog until next day.  Then remembered the lavender.  This batch has rosemary and lemongrass.  Wish I had a sense of smell.  Could be hideous and wouldn’t know.

Day not over yet, but already feel like time for bed.  Allergies from yesterday still acting up.  Should know better than to go outside.  Beautiful day though.  Beautiful again today.  Stayin’ in though.  Love to sneeze, love to laugh, hate drippy nose.  Could substitute for Rudolph, but a bit too early.  Have seen ads for Christmas though.



4 thoughts on “Surprise Sunday

  1. We have all the goldfish I would ever want to see in a stupid pond out front. Don’t like fish unless I can deep fry them. And bathroom isn’t big enough to get wet. These apartments were made for only one person, so I don’t even have overnight guests, except for my granddaughter. She brings a sleeping bag and still not quite enough room. Had a cat once, but kept tripping over it so now it lives with my daughter and her family. Plastic wrap could only make things look better here. If I didn’t sleep in the helmet, how would it help me when I get out of bed? I can’t even get to the dresser next to the bed for clean clothes without falling over it. That reminds me, I had better get the clothes I have “cooking” on the stove out and get them ready for the laundry. You wouldn’t want an adopted son would you? I’ll sell him cheap.

  2. Hey… why don’t you have a walker by your bed? and a helmet !! and an air horn…. if you keep denting the furniture it will lose it’s value : ) a roommate wouldn’t hurt either…

    • R U offering to be the roommate? I do have a walker by my bed. It goes down on top of me. The furniture came from a third hand store, so not worth anything anyway. I keep hoping for a tornado or something so I can use the insurance money to get all new stuff. And a helmet would be kinda hard to sleep in. Almost have your new song finished.


      • I didn’t mean you should wear a helmet to bed silly!! am I going to have to come out there!!! : ) and no.. I’m not a good roommate… you’d leave the bathroom floor wet or hair in the drain, stuff like that, and then i’d plastic wrap your bedroom doorway and you’d cry like a girl, and I’d laugh and you’d cry some more… no, I don’t even have a goldfish : ) I’m waiting for the genetically altered version that doesn’t need food or clean water…

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