Busy, Busy Day

100_2388 Got my weekly delivery of produce today.  Gave it the usual swim in hydrogen peroxide/water bath.  Froze most of corn, but cooked some for lunch.  Got busy helping Dan-o solve a murder on Hawaii 5-O and forgot about corn cooking.  Managed to save it before it burned, but wasn’t as good as would have been if not over cooked.  Other veggies drying out on kitchen towels.

Probably dry by now, but had to help Marshal Dillon fight off some indians that stopped a train.  We saved a lot of people today.  Got train back on track in an hour.  Took five minutes to cut soap bars up.  Can’t cut straight.  Guess they have to be melted down and put back in different mold.

Urges Didn’t watch the Hoarders, but by that time had to help the Cartwrights save their cousin.  Got caught up with group of outlaws wanting to rob a bank, or something.  Not really sure any more.  Trying to decide between eggplant parm or zucchini fries for tonight.  Or maybe just pasta.  Hummm.  Gotta think about that.  Have green beans and potatoes I could fix too.  Throw an onion and garlic in the pot.  Maybe some ham.  Ohhh, have to soak the melon stains out of shirt tonight.  Guess I’ll be “cooking” some more clothes.

Did something during Big Valley.  Don’t know why that one isn’t so interesting.  Just don’t care for Barbara Stanwick that much.  Did help them save the cattle from drought though.  Don’t care much for cattle, but hate to see animals suffer.  Poor little cows.

Used to have to chase stupid cattle on farm.  They always knew when corn was ready to pick.  Got out and tried to eat it all before we got up.  Had to chase them out of garden.  Drove car down to garden one year to put corn in trunk.  Tried to turn around so trunk was close to garden, but never was good at backing up.  Rear passenger side went off the side of garden.  About 5 feet to road.  Little bit scary, but after heart started beating again managed to open door and slide out to ground.  Neighbor came down road.  Stopped to see if I was still alive.  Think he was the one who got tractor to pull car back up to solid ground.

Almost blew car up once too.  Wouldn’t start.  Hubby said spray carburetor with ether.  Didn’t know what carburetor looked like, so sprayed everything under hood with ether.  Started car, and BOOM.  Big fire under hood.  Had to wait for heart to start beating to get out of car.  Found bucket of water.  Threw it on fire and put it out.  Then got back in car and went shopping.  Never had any more trouble starting car.  Guess it didn’t like ether much.  Never did learn what carburetor looks like.  No car now, so guess I’ll never know.

dream car My dream car.  If ever get another one want it to be like this.  Doubt even I could hurt this one.  Fred Flintstone, here I come.

Burgoo overflowing the pot My fellow blogger and friend, Jess, asked me yesterday what burgoo is, so thought I would post this picture again.  It’s not my kitchen.  My sis, Elaine, made it.  Ten gallons of it.  Some of the best food God ever let us create.  I have some in my freezer, but not enough to last all year, so will have someone in the family get me at least four more gallons at the Mount picnic.   Have swallowing problems.  Guess I mentioned that before.  But burgoo goes down without any problem.  Better than soup, better than stew.  Everything ground up and cooked for hours and hours, but so worth every bit of the effort.

If you want some great recipes you should check out Jess’ blog — Therapy Bread.WordPress.org.  I know she’s trying to make me gain a ton, but oh my.  Last night it was strawberry cream cheese bread.  Sure am gonna make that.  Has some really great ingredients in it.




3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Day

  1. Going to the grocery tomorrow to get the ingredients. I have the strawberries and cream cheese, but I figure the extra strawberries wouldn’t hurt much. I’m thinking about buying the .com thing too, just to see if it helps me out any. Also wondering about going Premium, but doubt that right now.

    I’ll let you know about the bread. It just looks too good to pass up, But then so do all of your desserts. Spent today de-cluttering so the Fire Marshall won’t close me down. Read more tonight. LOL

  2. mmm i’m intrigued by this burgoo… thanks for the “plug”! my boyfriend recently bought me the .com domain name for my blog so it’s even easier now: http://therapybread.com/
    i like your future car!
    and you must let me know what you think of the strawberry bread- i just finished eating another piece of it and it’s is just so good. even better a day or two after you make it

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