Think It Was A Quiet Day

Not too sure tho.  Maybe lost last brain cell and don’t remember.  Did straiten up the shelves.  Called Irene to help.  She made me sit down while she did rest.  Had to take future “garden” out of window.  Fire Marshal might not like window blocked.  If he thinks I’ll jump out window if apartment catches fire he’s crazier than me.  Sixteen floors up?  No way Jose.  More afraid of height than of fire.  Know how to avoid getting burned too bad, but jumping out window?  Don’t know how to do that without breaking lots of bones.

Stupid bug man came in this morning to look for bugs.  Woke me up.  Brought spray thingy with him.  Looked disappointed when no bugs to spray.  Think if he had tried to spray that thing would have kicked him where it hurts most.  Living pesticide free here.  Clean without pesticides, only vinegar, soda, hydrogen peroxide.  No chemicals.

Little old ladies Now this is living.  Love spun sugar on stick.  Love sitting under trees, but around here get bird-bombed when sitting under trees.  Not much fun washing out of hair and clothes.  Don got bird-bombed once.  Spent more time than Gina working on hair before leaving for school each morning.  Left house looking perfect.  Came back in a minute later.  Said he got bombed.  Had to wash hair again, go thru all the trouble to make hair perfect for high school girls again.  So glad those days are over.  Most of time anyway.  Sometimes wish clock could be turned back, but then brain starts working again.

Just found Medicare card thought I lost.  Had it replaced, so will keep this one in case lose the replacement.  Always losing things.  Usually lose things in plain sight.  Really sad, huh?

Curiosity Reminds me of when Don and Mike were babies.  Don wouldn’t have done that though.  Gina would have pushed Don out.  Tried to pull him out of crib when he was first put there.  She had been in real bed for six months, but when Don was put in crib she grabbed his foot and yanked, yelling “that’s MY bed!”  Tried to tell her she was in big girl bed but she just went over to heat register, pulled pants down and peed in register.  Got on my last nerve, so just broke down and cried.  Hubby came in for lunch, asked what was matter, and all could do was point at her, still squatting there.  He took over there,  I went to bed.  Think he fried a baloney sandwich for lunch.

Don’t think things like that happen any more, but sometimes can be any port in a storm. If my body was a car This pretty much says it all.  Best advice?  Stay young, or keep a sense of humor.sense of humor Without the sense of humor might as well curl up and die.  Find something to laugh at every day.  Most fun is laugh at yourself.  So do something silly.

Just remembered, haven’t fallen all day.  Must be a record or something.  Not in bed yet, so could still happen.  Hope that didn’t just jinx me.

Going to grocery tomorrow.  Should be fun.  Tell you all about it then.