All Pigged Out

100_2409This is al the stuff used for making pulled pork barbecue.  Well, maybe not all.  Have to keep a few secrets.  But plate of stuff on right is cooked pork needing to be pulled.  Rolled sleeves up, figuratively speaking, and started pulling by hand.  Just can’t do it right without hands involved.  Greasy meat.

100_2410 Finally all pulled and back in crock pot.  Poured sauce over it all 100_2411 and let cook few more hours to get flavors to meld together.  Took nap while waiting.  Midnight before all pulled and started cooking, so got really tired.

Woke up few times.  Remembered to turn crock pot off at some point, but when got up still hot enough to have sandwich for breakfast.  Cut pita in half, filled with pulled port, tomato slice, some onions, watermelon pickles.  Dug in and was really good.  Left out enough for rest of pita tonight.  Ate light lunch of ice cream.

Went to K-Mart for more pint jars for watermelon pickles.  Got home, sat down, fell asleep.  After all, didn’t sleep much last night.  Will make pickles tomorrow.  Slept off and on all day, so probably be up all night again.  Can’t get internal clock set right.

Looked in mirror of bathroom and saw some hair sticking out.  Grabbed scissors and whacked it off.  Then had to whack more off to go with that.  Back to wearing hat.  Head scalped again.  Should know better, but no fun if went to hairdresser to have good cut.  More fun to whack it myself.  Then have bald spots next to long strands.  May have to shave it again.

Took stock of ‘fridge today.  Really did buy lots of pig yesterday.  Have three kinds sausage, chorizo, so make that four kinds sausage, country ham slices, pulled pork, bacon.  Didn’t buy head cheese or liver though.  Or pigs feet.  Don’t appeal to me.  Uncle used to like brains with scrambled eggs.  Ugh!  Saw some brains once.  Made me gag.

chickLike this picture.  Keep wondering how dog got to be mom to so many chicks.  Not sure dogs knows either.  Being nice about it though.  Baby chicks cute, but grow up to be big hens.  Not so cute then.  Good source of nice eggs though.  Like eggs, especially in omelets with lots of veggies and sausage or leftover chicken in them.  Well, leftover anything.  Good way to clean out leftovers in ‘fridge.

Had burgoo last night while pork was cookin’.  Yum, yum.  Gonna have to replace soon tho.  Easy to swallow, so eat it often.  Rest of world doesn’t know what they are missing.  Should all come to Daviess Co. to eat some real burgoo.  Can’t get real stuff anywhere else.  And only at St. Martin’s and Mount St. Joseph now.  Other places don’t grind meat and veggies, and some add mystery ingredients to make it go further.  May have to start making own if St. Martins and MSJ do that.  As long as there is Blandford or Keller alive will be made right though.

Friday blessings Have good rest of Friday.



2 thoughts on “All Pigged Out

  1. Use that smoker. It will taste even better than what I made in the crock pot. I used to have a smoker until I moved here, but at this place it would be stolen unless I sat chained to it all day, so I use liquid smoke now. Not quite as good, but getting used to it. Great sandwiches, esp. with fresh tomatoes, watermelon pickles, and whatever else I can find to add to the pita. Thankfully the pita makes a great portion control.

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