All’s Quiet On The Home Front

Nature's Cathedral This has been such a nice quiet weekend.  Unless you count the severe thunderstorm last night.  Fell asleep to bright lightning that lit up entire apartment and thunder that made things rattle around like earthquake.  Love storms like that.  Probably could have taken the pictures I’ve always wanted of the lightning, but was too cozy in bed to get up for camera.  Finally lulled to sleep by storm.  Just love those storms.

Only afraid once.  Home alone when in eighth grade, or somewhere around that age.  Lightening hit tree beside house.  Scared me for a few years.  Then decided nothing to be afraid of.  When time to go, it will be time to go.  So not afraid of storms in life since then.  Just don’t much like getting wet in rain if have someplace to go.  If no place have to be love to walk in rain, kick shoes off, splash in puddles — but only in warm weather.  Not in cold.  Causes socks to freeze then, and hair.  Doesn’t feel too good.

Would be nice to walk during snow storm.  We don’t get much snow.  Mostly get ice.  That hurts too, makes bruises.  Get enough bruises without going out and trying to get more.

favorite autumn treeThat’s favorite tree in town.  Always starts turning like that in fall.  Not quite that pretty now, since it was damaged during ice storm few years ago, but still, first few limbs should start turning soon.  Not too far from apartment building.  About three blocks.  Always the first sign of autumn.  Haven’t been out today, but hope storm cooled weather off.  Had heat wave last week.  Temps in mid ’90s.  Nothing like southern states, but bad for us this year.  Usually this summer temps have been in ’80s and breeze blowing.  And almost every weekend rainy.  Wonder what winter will be like?  Don’t much care.  Have lots of blankets.

autumn treesMore of autumn trees.  Funny how some turn and others stay green.  Like the orange and red best.  Brown is blah.  Yellow okay, but not favorite.  Green best in spring when just beginning to show, after bleak winter with no color.  Summer green too dark.

Since making pulled pork haven’t done anything except melt soap back down and pour again.  Was malformed first time cut it.  Don’t have “straight” eye.  This time cut was clean and straight.  And could smell the lemongrass in it.  Nice, clean smell.  Now wrapped and ready to go.  Don’t know where it will go.  Have enough to make one more batch.  That will be wintergreen, for Christmas smell.  No problem smelling that.  Helps open sinuses.

allergies Speaking of sinuses, went out three days in row.  Head aches, sinuses drip, sneezing, feel miserable.  Think everybody in area feels miserable.  Own fault.  Knew shouldn’t go out.  Just wanted fresh air for change.  Stopped to look closely at rose.  Hoped could smell it, but couldn’t.  Just sneezed at it.  Pretty though.  Salmon color.  Love roses, just can’t go near them.  Couldn’t find any poison ivy to sniff.  Don’t think it has smell anyway.  Had to go to pharmacy for more sinus pills.  Probably time to try different kind.  These don’t work any more.  None really work.  Just idea of taking them makes me feel like doing something for the problem.  Wish it worked.

Have to go make something to eat.  Nothing sounds good.  Maybe chocolate.  Another headache though.  Veggie stew I guess.  Or roasted veggies.  Yeah, haven’t had those for long time.



3 thoughts on “All’s Quiet On The Home Front

  1. I also love a good rainstorm, and really don’t mind the snow if I don’t have to be out in it. If I could still walk in it I would love it, but as often as I fall I’m afraid to walk in it. The last time was ten years ago when my little Pekenese wanted to take a walk in snow that was deeper than he was tall, and he kept walking and walking until he got tired, then sat down and looked up at me, expecting me to carry him back home. We had turned so many corners I would have had troule finding my way home if the building hadn’t been the tallest in town. But that 8 pound dog weighed about 50 pounds by the time we got back home. No more walks in the snow for him.. 🙂

  2. I have too much experience walking in snow storms since i’ve lived in western, ny the majority of my life! i think snow is pretty to look at in the beginning but i grow to loathe it after the holidays pass! i hate shoveling and driving in it! everything takes so much longer! i do LOVE a good rain storm though! I even love a good snowstorm if i don’t have to go out in it or shovel up the mess that it leaves afterwards…………

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