Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Hope everyone had a good day.  Kinda overcast here.  Didn’t have outdoor plans anyway.   Still workin’ on those allergies.  And cleanin’ wrecked kitchen.  Allergies still active, but kitchen looks better.  Almost everything put away.  Few things don’t have place for.  Big problem there.  More shelves needed.  More shelves to fall against.  Knock things off of.  So much fun there.

100_2418 Thunderstorm building up last night.  Really rocked the building.100_2416 Watched for a while hoping to see some lightening, but no such luck.  Just heard thunder and saw rain.

100_2426 Started raining soon after heard thunder.  One of perks of living on sixteenth floor.100_2425 Can see all around me for long places. 100_2429 Seems the bank never takes flag down, so always gets battered by storms.100_2421 Starting to let up now.  100_2419 Just few sprinkles here. 100_2428 Mostly gone except for wind. 100_2422 Skies turning blue again.  Lot of damage done in parts of county.  Won’t be getting produce deliveries for three weeks because of storm damage, so will be able to catch up on what already have.  Deliveries will last few weeks longer because of time they have to take off.

Got surprise visit from cousins yesterday.  Doug and Mark Blandford and their wives.  Remember Sandy’s name.  Married to Mark.  Can’t remember Doug’s wife name.  Somebody help me on this.  Very pretty.  Almost fell when got up to hug goodbye, but two big cousins to catch me.  Too bad not here all time.  Could use some good lookin’ guys around to grab me when start to fall.  Brought me barbecue chicken, Leo Blandford style sauce.  Best in world.  Had just put garlic and herb veggies in oven to roast, so dinner last night really delish!100_2415  Havin’ reruns tonight.  Tomorrow veggies will be put in pot with tomatoes and turned into veggie stew.  Remaining chicken will be put in freezer to enjoy later in winter, if can wait that long.  Best in world.  No barbecue joint in town can match it.

goodbye August Hard to believe September is here.  Less than four months til Christmas.  Oh, goody.  Usually get Christmased out before end of November.  Already have ads in paper.  Don’t like that.  Want to celebrate Thanksgiving first.  Would say Halloween, but too old to care. family-540Friend who will kill me if she sees this.  Promised her wouldn’t post of Facebook, but never promised not to put in blog.  Cute, huh?  One year she wore clown suit.  Went to Chinese restaurant together.  Had problems getting clown feet in car.  Then went in restaurant and was swamped by kids who wanted to see clown.  After lunch stopped at gas station/liquor store to get annual lottery ticket.  Clerk took one look and ran out back door.  Had to find another place to buy lottery ticket.  So far have an unbroken losing streak.  Figure only one set of numbers win, so one ticket all we need.

lazy day My feelin’s exactly, so gonna go watch television for change.  Should do something constructive, but thought it over and decided nah.  Take time to enjoy something on TV.  If anything on TV to enjoy any more.