Fun Day At The Library

The first surprise of the day came when learned bus routes have changed.  So many years had them memorized.  Now all different.  Purple doesn’t stop here any more.  Brown stops here.  Didn’t have new schedule, so drove power chair over to switching station.  Hit bump that threw chair off sidewalk.  Couldn’t get back on.  Nice people stopped and helped get chair back on walk, told me to watch in front where going. Didn’t tell them was watching, just hit bump and got thrown off sidewalk.

Got to station and had to ask which bus to take.  Yellow.  Nice ride.  Found where stop is that can get off to visit mom.  If there is place to get chair off sidewalk.  Have to take bus again to see if place exists.  But will take me to lots of new places to explore some day.

Finally got to library and found self thrown off sidewalk again.  This time had to get back on myself.  Not too much trouble.  Took books back, checked out more.  Got thru self checkout.  Tried to leave library and chair started spinning round in circles.  Would back up okay, but wouldn’t go forward.  Just spin in circles.  Started laughing, ’cause it was so funny.  Only other option was crying, but too funny to cry.  Man came out of office.  Told me someone said lady was having trouble, and was giggling too hard to talk.  Just showed him what was happening.  He started laughing too.  Backed up out of people’s way and just kept spinning.  As much fun as when a kid and played some game where we would be spun around til dizzy.

Man got down and looked at bottom of chair.  Found part of chair that came off.  Pulled it free, handed to me, and chair started moving forward.  Laughed even harder, but managed to thank him before leaving library.  Decided to drive home instead of wait for bus.  Sidewalks full of cracks and bumps.  Another part came off chair, so put it in bag with first part.  Chair still moves, but really broken now.100_2430 Picture of chair with seat swiveled and “spare parts” on seat.  Maybe should send it to people trying to get my new chair to prove new one needed.  Might work.  Never know til try.  Still laughing about how funny people looked.

Remembered on way home needed more mustard seeds for watermelon pickles, so took chance and went in Kroger.  Got seeds and left without destroying anything.  Well, maybe lady who had to jump to avoid getting run over, but she was standing in middle of doorway not letting people in or out.  Chair bigger than she was, so she jumped in time.  Kinda forgot to slow down when went in.  Well, had mustard seeds on mind.

car with tree Found this picture tonight.  Probably Facebook.  Reminds me how my first car looked last time saw it.  Not same make or model, but had tree growing up thru it.  Surrounded by lots of other junked cars and trucks though.  Sure miss that car.

Well, have some library books to read, recipes to copy, I hope.  Have good Tuesday night.



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    • Spinning around and around in that silly chair was making me laugh too. I was actually starting to get dizzy from it, but having fun at the same time.

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