Drying Onions And The Fire Marshal

Well, didn’t exactly dry the Fire Marshal, but was drying the onions when he came to inspect.  No problems except for one surge protector.  Wanted to know if an extension cord was plugged into it.  Weeeelll, yeah.  Why else have one in that particular place?  Showed him where it ran over to the lamp, which is used only at night, or any other time I really want to see something, like read the paper, or make cards, or scrapbook.  Said I should plug series of surge protectors into that one to run over to where plug was needed.  Just know that’s going to happen.  Five surge protectors to plug in one lamp?  Sounds like overkill to me.

Activities Director came up with him.  Was in process of drying onions, hoping that would keep them out.  Instead she asked if I was making pasta, because it smelled so good.  Know my sense of smell is gone, but now wondering about hers.  Made me hungry for Monterey spaghetti though.  Gotta make some tonight.  Have all the ingredients, so why not?  Need something in fridge to warm up for few days.  Fresh spinach in place of frozen should work.  Loads of cheese, sour cream.  Getting hungry thinking about it,

Snacking all day on zucchini chips.  Yummy, but didn’t dry enough.  Won’t last long enough to put back in dehydrator to finish drying though.  Did tomatoes yesterday.  They make good chips too.  Still have to get on those watermelon pickles.

housework fire Found a great way to clean house.  Each apartment self-contained, so fire wouldn’t spread to next one.  Maybe some smoke and water damage, but everyone should have rental insurance.  Came close to doing that to house in country when car caught fire.  Had it parked about 5 feet from house, gas tank full.  If hadn’t had to go shopping probably would have just run to neighbor’s house for help.  Would have given it time to explode.not crazy Makes perfect sense to me.

Checked my crops this morning.  First crop of celery leaves ready to harvest.  Second crop close.  Sweet potato just sitting there looking pathetic.  Maybe needs its own jar or something.  Has an eye, but not submerged in water.  Never grew a sweet potato before, so don’t know.  Never grew celery before either, but that works.  Saved some pepper seeds and few tomato seeds.  Maybe try planting them.  Don’t know yet.

Two more weeks til next produce delivery.  Fall crops this time, I think.  Wish could find some real cream to make butter.  Made some with whipping cream.  Tastes good and fun to make, but not like what we had growing up.

Storm damage at the Mount Some of damage done at Mount during last week’s storm.  People came in and helped clean up picnic area so picnic can go on.  Glad it will so there will be more burgoo.  Could eat my weight in burgoo.  Don’t weigh that much any more, so could eat last year’s weight in burgoo.  Ah, the food of the gods.  Developed right here in Daviess Co.  Heard it started out with road kill.  Don’t believe that though.  Tastes too good.  Mount uses the Keller recipe, and one member of Blandford family married a Keller, so learned recipe.  Also learned greatest barbecue chicken recipe.  Still thanking Doug, DeeDee, Mark and Sandy for chicken they brought me.  Had to freeze part of it.  Too much for one person, but oh, so good.  The Leo Blandford recipe.  Wonderful uncle, great cook.



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  1. it’s spaghetti, cooked, then mixed with spinach, monterey jack cheese, sour cream, french fried onions, egggs, then stick in casserole dish, bake until cheese is melty, add more onions to top, and finish baking about 10 min. til onions are really crispy. I’ll look up the exact recipe and send it to you. I love it, and it was the only way I could get the kids to eat spinach. I also like to add 1/2 pepper jack cheese to give it a kick. Really good.

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