Dinner At Mom’s

The family is arriving for the Mount St. Joseph picnic.  Steve and Jay got her yesterday, and while Jay was cooking dinner, Steve picked me up tonight.  After first making trip to Sam’s.  Dropped me off at mom’s house, picked up new grocery list from Jay and left for Kroger.  Sylvie and Erin were there when we got there.  Think Tony gets there tomorrow.  Ray there earlier, but had work to do back at Mount.  They are still cleaning picnic area up from storm, but mostly all ready, and things will go on as planned.

100_2432 Jay in background, Steve’s friend Tony from high school in front.  Both great chefs.  Love to watch men doing the kitchen work.  Especially when they can really cook.

100_2434 Mom supervising the progress.  Hates to see other people take over her kitchen, but will let Jay, Tony, and Elaine, who can’t make it home cook.  Erin also allowed.  Not me.  Too messy.  She doesn’t like train wrecked kitchens.  Or any other rooms either.  So my job is to sit and be beautiful 🙂

a_Bristle_Thistle_Flower Since Syl and Erin don’t like having pictures taken the bristle thistle is for both of them.  Just love that flower.  Bristle thistle, bristle thistle, bristle thistle.  Some day will be able to say three times in a row and not get tongue-tied.  Can’t even type it three times in row right now.  Keep practicing though, so some day, maybe.

100_2435 Dinner, buffet style.  Really good.  Had to take dumpling pan back.  That’s it on left.  Full of salad.  Dessert was Dove chocolates from Sylvie, who is Dove Chocolatier, and can’t remember what they’re called from Steve.  Cream puffs?  Little cream filled bites of goodness.  Whatever, ate too much.  Going to have to just roll from place to place rest of night.

Gina, Anika and Andrew coming tomorrow.  Will be having lunch out, since rest are grilling steak.  Don’t like steak.  Gina and Anika vegetarians.  Andrew eats anything that doesn’t move out of way fast enough.  He’s outnumbered.  Anika spending night with me.  Can’t wait. Cowgirl Anika Such a sweet, funny girl.  Plays clarinet in high school marching band.  Noah spending night with Andrew, Anika doesn’t want to be cooped up with “those boys”.  Has three brothers.  Don’t blame her.  So outnumbered at home already.

Probably time to get rest.  Long, busy day tomorrow and Sunday.  And burgoo on Sunday.  YUMMY.



14 thoughts on “Dinner At Mom’s

    • by the way, is Jess a little fox or what?!! her picture is like gravity… I have to wear sunglasses or I just sit and stare : ) (just between you and I of course)………. can’t wait for the 50 gallon visual later tonight… I’m making popcorn and everything!!! : )

      • Commenting on her photo and asking about her are two different things…. I simply have no filters and have stop trying to develop them.. that and we often don’t say what we think. I am diametric…you see, society tells us filters are important and that we need them, I on the other hand disagree. Think of all the times others have thought to comment on her photo but have simply passed. Their filters popup and all the negative imaginings of what might happen if they do floods their little minds and they bow out. I say rush right in and say it!! : ) … it’s like always asking permission to do this or that.. I say do it first and deal with any objections later… it makes for a better life in my opinion. Now back to the burgoo : ) ( I think you know what I am saying, just felt like writing it)

    • Jess, fun but tiring. Didn’t get to my computer at all last night, and just now getting here tonight. Most of family gone now, but sister and neice will be here til Thursday. Don’t know that I’ll get to see them much though, because they have a pretty tight schedule, and I’m beat, so it will all depend on how we all feel.

    • Have you ever even had burgoo? It’s the most wonderful food on earth, and I have 3 gallons of it on my kitchen counter waiting to cool down enough to put away. You are missing something absolutely wonderful here.

      • well let’s see… first off the name, burgoo… to close to bugger.. and the goo part reinforces the bugger and around and around they go in my skill… so the name is my first hurdle.. second, any food that you make by the gallons and is orange with mystery chunks, simply adds fire to my first complaint… I know you’re from the South, so there has to be some possum or coon in there somewhere.. and last but not least.. you call it the, ‘worlds most wonderful food’ which by the very visual description outlined above ( it’s lack of eye appeal just for starters) calls this orange pot of stucco into question… that’s all!! 5 or 10 shots of some white lightening could change things however… I’m an open minded man : ) I love you!!! : )

      • Dale, Dale, Dale. Burgoo is not full of chunks of anything. Everything, including the road kill, is ground up. There are about 50 gallons to a kettle, which means tons of chicken and beef, bushels and bushels of cabbage, potatoes, onions, corn, gallons of worchestershire sauce, tomatoes,and cooked about 20 hours, being stirred constantly over open fires. And it is only made the correct way in 2 places, both here in Daviess Co. KY. Both places use the same recipe, which was developed by a member of my family, which is why it is so perfect. And the only other place in the world you can get it is to take a quick trip down to Monument to visit my sister, who just made 10 gallons of it. The sister from the Springs makes it with her daughter about once every 10 years, and since she’s here now, this is not the year, but the one in Monument probably still has a bowl or two left. Just tell her I sent you and I’m sure she would share a spoonful.


      • I have 3/60 gallon kettles sitting right here… perhaps we should go commercial and Burgoo the shelves of this America!! you could drive your little cart around and bark out orders to me.. everything is screwed to the floor, so no danger of you rearranging the manufacturing area. : )

      • Three 60 gallon kettles wouldn’t even be a start. And don’t count on me not rearranging the area even if things are bolted to the floor. When I’m driving my little cart I even scare the bikers around here. Or maybe they fall off their bikes because they’re laughing so hard. Never stopped to ask.


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