Picnic Day at Mount St. Joseph

Today is the day that almost didn’t happen.  The annual picnic at Mount St. Joseph.  Last Saturday, one week before work for today’s picnic got underway, a violent storm passed thru that area, and the destruction was fierce. picnic area MSJ picnic area again BBQ pit MSJ 2013 These are some photos of the picnic area taken after the storm.  Complete devastation.  But the community around the area got together, and today it happened.  Didn’t get to go myself because of balance problems, but several members of family were there.  The three photos above were taken by one of the sisters in residence at the Mount, and posted on Facebook.  Today my sis, Sylvie, the Bristle Thistle, took some pictures of the cooking meat and the burgoo pots, mostly emptied by then.

Burgoo Pot 1 Two of the pots, still simmering. Burgoo pots 2 A partial row of pots.  Before the crowds got to them.  Little bro, Ray told us later they sold out early.  Not sure how many pots they have altogether, but each one holds 50 gallons of burgoo.  Big bro, Tony brought me three gallons, two gallons for mom, two for himself.  Not sure who the other ten were for, but he got seventeen gallons total.

Fortunately for Sylvie and Erin, Ray’s house just above picnic area.  Since they live in Colorado they don’t know how to breathe real air that has humidity in it.  Spent most of their time at Ray’s house.  Steve also spent most time at Rays house.  Injured his foot or ankle last night walking down the hill.  Headed back to Tulsa tomorrow and decided to wait til gets home to see doctor.  Borrowed Ray’s crutches for now.finally got head togetherEveryone in family falling apart except for mom.  She’s healthy as horse, just no cartilage in knees.  Rest of us breaking bones, back problems, vision problems, everything falling apart.  So sad.  She’ll outlive us all.

100_2442 This is youngest grandson, Andrew, slowly dehydrating to death on Saturday.  Said he was seeing the light.  Only way to save life was go to hotel and get in swimming pool.  Offered to stick him in shower, but that wouldn’t work.  Had to be swimming pool.  Kid should have fins instead of feet.  Cousin Noah spent night at hotel with him, so another reason he wanted to get there.  Kept telling him Noah was at birthday party of friend and couldn’t get there yet, but still dehydrating.  Just had to be in pool to be rehydrated.

100_2443 Andrew and Noah this morning, as they were getting ready to leave for home.  Gave Anika some scarves, taught her how to make them, so Andrew wanted one, then Noah wanted one too.  Think Noah’s will go to his mom, but Andrew is having too much fun with his.  Kid comes up with too many creative ways to make head-gear.  Just hope he doesn’t wear it to school.  Noah’s our Grand Champion cattle winner.  Has more sense than most grownups in this family.

So, back to picnic.  Or after picnic was over.  Mom’s house was crowded with visitors.  Mom and I both graduated from Mount high school.  She loved it.  Me?  Not so much.  Love the place, just not the school.  Not a school any more, convention center.  Can visit again without getting those old willies it used to give me.  Sylvie and Erin were at Mom’s when Tony brought burgoo to me and took me back over there.  Was just waking up from nap, after Anika and I spent night having fun together.  Had sourdough waffles for breakfast.  Broke off bites and just dipped in peach syrup made during summer.  No need to sit down or dirty dishes that way.  More fun than acting like grownups too.

Okay, where was I.  At Mom’s.  Don came in first.  Had to work this morning, so didn’t expect to see him.  Then cousin Mark and Sandy, after that friend of Sylvie’s who had worked at picnic.  Mark and Sandy left, Steve called asked about dinner plans, Sylvie’s friend left, Tony left, Steve and Jay got back, Don, Erin and Jay went out for barbecue for them, fish for me.  Jay won cake at picnic, so had some for dessert, then Don and I said goodbye and he brought me home so he could get home before too late.  Day’s over, ah’m tar’d, and ready to put burgoo away and sleeeeeeeep.



4 thoughts on “Picnic Day at Mount St. Joseph

    • I didn’t go out there, but was up until long after midnight freezing the burgoo. Had some for lunch and it’s great! Wish I could have gone out too, but poor Syl and Erin almost didn’t make it thru the heat and humidity. We seem to have too much “air” for them here. We sure missed you too.

    • You wouldn’t believe this past week. First the storm, then the first real heat of the year. I’m ready to kick back now and just chill for a few years. Or at least til tomorrow. Back to the grocery then. Have to see what they don’t have tied down.

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